Letters - Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Strong response to Putin’s invasion

By Suzanne Steedman
Wednesday, 2nd March 2022, 3:45 pm
Vladimir Putin

President Putin could never have foreseen the reaction from most of the world to his ill-advised excursion into Ukraine.

Nato seems to have at last stepped up to the plate and the European Union is speaking with one voice.

This could very well be a turning point in East West relations if the strong sanctions against Russia succeed.

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Putin must know by now that he has bitten off more than he can chew in trying to subjugate a country the size of Ukraine when its inhabitants don’t want to be under Russian rule, and even if he succeeded, he would end up having to garrison the whole country.

What surprised me was the fact that China at the UN vote to stop the war actually abstained.

It makes you wonder, have they had a vision of their future with regards to trade sanctions if they ever invaded Taiwan?

It might be wishful thinking but I wonder if any of the Russian military could contemplate a coup against Putin and his cronies after seeing how things are panning out with regards to the invasion and the damage that it’s doing to their country.

One thing that stood out for me in the TV coverage of this war was the indiscriminate shelling of civilian homes. There was also footage of a saloon car driving down the road. A Russian tank coming in the opposite direction deliberately veered over towards the car and completely ran over it.

At least one person seems to have come out of this mess smelling of roses, having the spotlight taken off him with regards to ‘Partygate’ and the police, and that’s lucky old Boris. What an opportune moment for a war to start.

M Tipper



I hope common sense will prevail

Let us hope that something is done soon to save Ukraine and its people. What do we have in our own country? Strikes by rail workers and heaven knows who else.

We have had the dreadful Covid and what are we doing now? Moaning instead of getting behind each other and, whatever your politics, supporting a government that has at least managed to cope with Covid as best it can. I despair, but I am hopeful that common sense will prevail.

Barry Foster

via email


Walls of reflection

End of life charity Marie Curie is calling on communities and organisations in Lancashire to help create a UK wide network of Walls of Reflection, as part of activities to mark the second annual National Day of Reflection on March 23, 2022.

The Walls will be a space that people can visit to add the name or memory of a loved one in the two weeks leading up to March 23. They will also act as a focal point on the day to commemorate all those who have died since the start of the pandemic, whether from Covid or any other cause.

The first National Day of Reflection (on March 23, 2021) was marked across the nation with widespread support for a midday minute’s silence and over a hundred prominent landmarks and buildings which lit up yellow.

We are looking for community groups, local businesses, schools, attractions and landmarks to create and host Walls of Reflection for the National Day of Reflection in March. They will be a place where people can come to reflect and remember the loved ones they have lost and where the community can come together to support those who are grieving.

While life may be beginning to return to normal for some of us, we mustn’t forget the many people living with the deep trauma of losing a loved one during the pandemic.”

Local Walls of Reflection can be uploaded to an interactive map on the Marie Curie website and, on March 23, host venues are also encouraged to provide a chance for the community to support each other by hosting tea and biscuits from 11am before observing the minute’s silence at noon. The National Day of Reflection takes place during Marie Curie’s flagship fundraiser, the Great Daffodil Appeal. Throughout March, volunteer collectors will be out on high streets and at supermarkets across Lancashire giving out daffodil pins in return for donations. Money raised supports Marie Curie’s vital end-of-life care and bereavement services.

To find out more about the National Day of Reflection, visit mariecurie.org.uk/dayofreflection fundraising appeal

For information on how to fundraise or donate, visit: mariecurie.org.uk/daffodil

Gina Hopwood

Marie Curie Fundraiser for Lancashire

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