Letters - Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Israeli bombardment starts close to home

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 3:45 pm
BAe Systems
BAe Systems

Over this weekend gone many people campaigned outside BAE Systems in Lancashire in memory of more than 60 children killed in Israel’s attack on Gaza in Palestine.

The jets were used in a recent bombardment of Gaza, which left more than 250 people dead. During the month of May over 60 children were mercilessly martyred by the Israeli army in Palestine, attacking from the air using fighter jets and Apache helicopters - all manufactured in the UK.

These are continuous atrocities and a gross violation of human rights.

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All Israel’s actions were condemned by the United Nations, who slammed Israel’s apartheid policies that clearly discriminate against Arabs living in Israel, treating them as second class citizens.

It is time for the international community including our own UK government and corporates such as BAE Systems to recognise their obligations and stop supporting the arming of an apartheid state.

The starting point is the international community, including the UK, who must compel Israel to cease all settlement activity, dismantle all settlements and move its civilians from occupied territory.

Also for BAE must stop supplying components of the US F-35 joint Strike fighter Programme.

People will keep demonstrating until BAE Systems stops arming the Israeli state. Decent people must contact MPs.

Royston Jones



Blair and the nocebo effect

Yet again Tony Blair creeps out of his box to revive his ID card obsession.

We’re to spend a fortune creating a nation of Warden Hodges demanding our papers whenever we try to spend our money reviving our shattered hospitality sector.

Why? In a few months we’ll all be vaccinated bar a minuscule number with medical or paranoid objections.

The unvaccinated cannot hurt us, so why give them a hard time? Pressuring folk to take a vaccine they foolishly believe will harm them can produce the nocebo effect.

The placebo effect’s evil twin, when someone is forced into a procedure that they believe will harm them, the nocebo effect will ensure it does. Tony Blair should stay in his box and think about what he’s done.

Barry Tighe

via email


No sympathy for holidaymakers

Am I the only person who feels no sympathy for those unable to go abroad for a holiday? Don’t they realise that it is not only people from the UK going to the country they want to holiday in, but people from all over the world?

Thereby they are risking coming into contact with a variant of Covid that could be resistant to the vaccines. There are beautiful parts of the UK, so why can’t everyone holiday here if they must go away?

Hilary Andrews

address supplied


What’s in a name?

The problem for the Labour Party is in its name, ‘Labour’.

Probably the last time a Labour Party truly representing the working class was during the James Callaghan government in the 70s.

Since then Labour has been trying to ditch its name, and the connotation with representing a certain class only, while now in favour of bringing into its fold a new aspirational class of metropolitan city workers and university educated left leaning students, and professional activists of various sorts.

Eventually the working class voters up and down the country have realised this change in Labour’s preference to who it represents, and have begun to switch their allegiance to the Conservative Party in the main.

If the Labour Party was honest it would replace the word ‘Labour’ with ‘Progressive’, which is the direction of its travel over the last few years.

A Ogden

address supplied


Waiting for an NHS operation

NHS England now has a record 4.6 million patients waiting for routine surgery. The “bounce back” is still to come – a lack of surgeons means it is unable to treat those on the waiting list in a timely manner.

The plan is to operate on patients as rapidly as possible during overtime from early in the morning to late at night, and all weekends, in special hub hospitals. People will be sent home the day after their operation for GPs to continue their care.

Paul Muller

address supplied

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