Letters - Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Sea organ should be saved for culture bid

Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 3:45 pm
Sea organ

If Blackpool wants to take part in Lancashire’s bid for the 2025 UK City of Culture it needs to have ‘touch of class’ about it both in its buildings and its artwork.

Why then is the council not saving the Blackpool High Tide Organ?

This installation represents the relationship between the moon and the sea and is a celebration of the environment.

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Some people study the moon and the sea and it is important to the town. ‘Want a tonic to pep you up? Visit Blackpool for the air, sights, sounds and smell of the seaside’. The sea is important.

Landmarks for me like Blackpool Tower will always remain the leading landmark, because of its past history, its great feat of engineering and the workmanship in its structure.

But the artwork of the moon and sun should be saved and not left to deteriorate.

P O’Connor

address supplied


Shocking toll of suffering

It is appalling to learn that female genital mutilation in children is still happening in the UK today.

One is too many, but the truly shocking statistics of 540 new victims across our region and 10,600 nationally recorded by the NHS in one year – and the likelihood of the real figure being much higher – are a reminder about the need for an urgent debate about how this long-outlawed practice continue to destroy children and women.

The horror of living with this while growing up as a woman is unimaginable.

It is the scale of untold suffering endured by silent children and women that needs to urge the nation and Government to do much more to end this act of barbarism once for all – and very soon.

For centuries, this country has fought proudly and sacrificed lives to end all forms of human abuses.

Now an extreme form of abuse towards children and women is seeping through the back door under the cover of tradition and culture.

What sort of group culture could willingly impose so much mental, sexual, physical and medical hardship on its vulnerable children and women?

The culprits clearly have no understanding or respect for humanity and law.

Dr Azad Najmaldi

via email


Tell them what to do with idiotic rules

It has become patently apparent to any fair minded English person that the French President Emmanuel Macron, his close friend Angela Merkel and EU commission President Ursula von der Leyen are intent on punishing this great nation for having the temerity to escape from the European Union.

For them, the G7 meeting was a golden opportunity to further punish and humiliate the UK. I suppose, in reality, they are terrified that other freedom-loving states, still enslaved within the EU, may well emulate our daring escape, which would undoubtedly cause the EU to implode.

I hope Boris Johnson stands his ground, defends our freedoms and tell them exactly what they can do with their idiotic rules and regulations.

Dick Lindley

via email


It isn’t beautiful... take it off the TV

Why is it that football has to take over the TV schedules for the rest of us who couldn’t care less about the so called “beautiful game”?

Football is neither beautiful nor of interest to many of us who only have terrestrial TV and would appreciate if our favourite programmes, many of which actually require some thought and educate us, were to continue instead of pandering to the maniacal football fans.

Many will watch it in pubs, screaming and singing thereby risking spread of coronavirus.

Take it off.

Hilary Andrews

address supplied

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