Letters - Wednesday, July 21, 2021

That day in 1966 was one to remember

Wednesday, 21st July 2021, 3:45 pm
World Cup 1966

The frequent recent references to the 1966 World Cup final between England and Germany bring back very special memories.

I was youth hostelling in Poland and on the day of the final a group of us were walking in the Tatra Mountains, near Zakopane.

On the way down we stopped for refreshment at a mountain hostelry.

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Outside, a group of men were sitting in a circle on the grass listening to a commentary, in Polish, on a transistor radio.

As there were only a few minutes left to full time, we joined the circle on the grass.

At the last moment there was uproar!

The commentators were shouting in Polish, we were shouting in English, asking what was happening, the men were shouting at us to shut up as they couldn’t hear.

Germany had equalised – 2-2. We couldn’t wait for the extra 30 minutes as we were due at the hostel.

As we continued down the mountain we saw several mountain huts, each one boasting a man on a bench with a transistor radio.

By the use of sign language, holding up numbers of fingers, we knew by the time we arrived that England had won.

We received a great welcome on the steps of the hostel.

The Poles were especially delighted that we had beaten Germany as bitter memories of the war were still fresh in Poland.

We were so warmly congratulated that you would have thought we had personally scored the winning goals! It was certainly a day to remember.

Mollie Garbett via email

Picture: Keystone/Getty Images)


Masks do not protect

Re: Mask wearing after July 19. I agree with J R Wainwright’s letter, Right Call was Made on Masks (Your Say, July 15).

Certain stores, however, are now upholding the mask rule despite any evidence of their efficacy.

Is there an agenda here?

The big conglomerates are set to make even more millions from their investments in PPE.

So of course they are going to go along with this ridiculous mask rule, there is more money to be had.

Listen to the REAL EXPERTS, not the British Brainwashing Corporation and others who try to frighten you into believing this nonsense.

To quote a world leader: “Keep them afraid and they will believe anything.”

It has been proven that the wearing of a mask does not protect you and indeed may even do more harm than good.

People really need to do the research.

Perhaps lack of understanding is the reason why some of the general public are continuing to support the mask practice.

It’s certainly not through research.

J Norman

Via email


Use your eyes, nose and sense

There is little wonder that there is so much waste – quite a lot of it is caused by the Use By and Best Before date stamping on items that do not degrade by date.

I have just found some talcum powder with a best before date of 2017.

We shall, of course, use it but many people would throw it in the bin. I use the test of eyes, common sense and nose tests to determine the use or not use factor.

A sealed jar of jam is often usable long after the date printed on the label.

Peter Hyde

Via email


Why so difficult to buy British?

We are encouraged to buy British. My wife did some shopping at a well known supermarket.

Among her purchases were salad tomatoes from Poland and Cos lettuce from Germany. Then our local fruit market has strawberries from Holland. What encouragement to buy British.

Mr Collier

Via email


I thought he was already in Labour

I’m surprised about the continuing furore regarding the ex-Speaker John Bercow’s involvement with the Labour Party. Given his antics while in office, I presumed he already was a member.

Albert Cringe

Address supplied


What a world it would be...

What a world it would be if we all followed the example set by our leaders, thus making us all self-serving liars and cheats.

Phyllis Capstick

address supplied

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