Letters - Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Covid precautionsCovid precautions
Covid precautions
Just watch TV to see how stupid people are

Regarding covid and the easing of restrictions, my husband and I have said that going on the tram or bus is going to be a definite no-no. We live on the Prom and already they are going passed us with more people on them than before. Trams with every seat in use.

As far as meals out, I will ring the restaurant and ask if they have put tables back to way they were before covid and if the answer is yes, my answer will be, “We are not coming”. Perhaps more people should do the same, surely it is better to have fewer tables used by people than lots of tables with few people.

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With the probability of 100,000 plus cases a day we should be shutting down even further to try to break the contact between people.

When number rose rapidly in France they were shut down to only being able to travel within 1km of their home unless they had filled in the necessary form to say where they were going. The Police / Gendarmes were stopping people frequently and fining them heftily if they were not conforming. The result is now they are at 2/3,000 a day over the whole country (most in the large metropolitan area).

How can this Government be so stupid to think that people will take responsibility for themselves when you only have to watch tv news to see how stupid people can be.




Voter fraud barely exists

In order to eliminate “voter fraud,” Boris Johnson is proposing that all those entitled to vote will have to prove it by producing a “voter ID card”.

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The “fraudulent voter” is the latest hobgoblin to emerge from Mr Johnson’s fevered imagination.

Such demons are almost always from an ethnic minority; masters of disguise who steal votes from honest citizens by impersonating them at elections.

The Government’s own research has found that just eight allegations of electoral fraud were made in 2018.

When asked recently by Ian Blackford of the Scottish National Party how he could justify these “Trumpian” tactics, Mr Johnson said he wanted to protect voters from “the idea of voter fraud”.

Not the actual reality of a crime that barely exists!

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Mr Johnson’s laws will deter from voting, not only people without a driving licence or passport, but others (particularly women) who have neither the time or inclination to negotiate this new bureaucratic swamp.

This is a typical Johnsonian ploy to ensure that he wins the next election.

John Prance



Costly licence for a load of repeats

Like many people, I have received a communication from TV Licensing, requesting a payment of £159 for the privilege of receiving BBC programmes.

As a senior citizen, I regret the loss of the free licence.

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Nevertheless, because at least 50 per cent of BBC programmes are repeats, would I be justified in paying only 50 per cent of the aforementioned payment?

Roger Brown

via email


PM must solve care crisis now

It is estimated to cost £5bn per year to solve the nation’s “care crisis”.

We give away double that amount in foreign aid, and poor procurement protocols at the Ministry of Defence cost about the same.

Boris Johnson has no excuses left to delay his winning election promise to put an end once and for all to this crisis.

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Conservative MPs should tell the Prime Minister to get off his backside, stop waffling and take immediate action. The nation deserves nothing less.

Peter Rickaby

via email


What did we get out of tournament?

Perhaps I am alone in thinking that all we got out of the frenzy over the European football was a rise in the number of Covid cases and a huge fine for the stupid fans shining a laser in the face of the Denmark goalkeeper and booing national anthems. At

least it’s all over until the World Cup.

Hilary Andrews

address supplied

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