Letters - Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Quick profits led us to energy problems
Gas burnerGas burner
Gas burner

When North Sea gas and oil were discovered, it was predicted that this energy supply would keep us all warm and comfortable in our homes for generations to come.

This prediction was based on keeping gas supplies for home heating.

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Since that time our gas supplies have been wasted by using them to generate electricity.

This has involved the destruction of our coal and electricity generation infrastructure so as to make us reliant on sources of energy which are outside our government’s control.

It appears that many billions of pounds worth of power generation equipment has been destroyed before it was anywhere near the halfway mark of its designed life- span.

We all agree that it makes sense to obtain free electricity from renewable sources and to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, but our current position has arisen as a result of financial policies which have been chosen to make a quick profit.

Paul Brown

via email


Farming feeds us

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I’ve stopped watching the BBC’s Countryfile programme. It has become so anti-farming. You would think some of the presenters would know better – those with an agricultural background – with all the rewilding, tree planting and creating wetlands.

We are only a small island, and growing only about half of our food. If we have less farmland, we are going to grow less.

Importing more adds to our carbon footprint. Where is the common sense in that? Where do we look for common sense? Not the politicians, they seem too busy in-fighting. Come on NFU and CLA, bang the drums for the agricultural industry. Our most important industry. It feeds us.

Jill Maddock

via email


We foot the bill for Prince

There is much talk about where the several million pounds will come from which Prince Andrew has agreed to pay to settle his court case. The simple answer, as always, is the UK taxpayer which is where, directly or indirectly, all his money comes from. Maybe Charles can chip in by (allegedly) selling a few more Honours....

Phil Cray

address supplied


Beware of fake text

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I received a text message recently and rang 119 (NHS) to check what I needed to do.

I was not suspicious as I thought it was a legitimate notification. The link in the text lead to a form that wanted every detail: name, address, date of birth.

They also wanted card details as they were asking for a fee of £1.34 to post a PCR test. The advisor checked my details and told me it was a scam text.

The scammers wanted to get all my personal details to use them fraudulently, including accessing my bank account.

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The advisor also told me I was the fifth person this morning who had queried the text. I have not seen anything about this warning the public of this scam.

I asked the advisor if it was being reported to the public and he said he didn’t think so. I can see this scam causing a lot of fear to the people who receive it, not to mention the upset of changing bank/card details and having funds stolen from your account.

Linda Wild

via email


Think again?

Those who support the construction by Eden of glorified tents on the sea front at Morecambe should take a look at the roof of the O2 following Storm Eunice.

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