Letters - Wednesday, February 12, 2020

We all have to find a way of living together

Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 5:00 pm

Another year, another campaign against seagulls and gulls.

Before putting pen to paper I have to decide whether these sea water experts conducted a fair study against these birds - I would say ‘no’!

Did these experts research the plight of these wild birds, their habitats, food source, shelter and nesting sites?

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Seagulls have lived beside the sea before we urbanised the land. These birds have to adapt to urban life, as their natural coastal habitats have been destroyed by human coastal defences.

Seagulls/gulls are invading towns and cities due to the collapse fishing industry.

They no longer feed off scraps from trawlers. Recycling means less food in landfills for them, also they are being grassed over.

Life has been hard for these wild birds this winter. We often see seagulls/gulls in concrete car parks outside shops looking for food.

The seagulls are inland with us even on our rooftops - they are our neighbours now and have to find a way of living together.

We should think of our behaviour and impact we have on their species.

Humans should be held accountable, for it was us who have decimated and poisoned the oceans.

Have you seen photos of seabirds bodies full of plastic? We are the main driving force for their decline.

Herring gulls like many seabirds are threatened by toxic chemicals.

Stop blaming the birds for all the problems as some of us do not wish to go down into our dark side of hate and dislike for these birds - some of us like them... even people have seagull friends.

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Suddenly our house started shaking ...

We live on the corner of Willshaw Road and Holmfield Road near Gynn Square. We were sat minding our own business when all of a sudden felt the house shook, not massively, but a very distinct shake, did we have a small earthquake???

Teresa Allen

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Audience a winner

There are many tribute bands and shows doing tours around the UK at the moment.

One of the best I’ve recently seen at Blackpool Grand Theatre was You Win Again, a tribute to the Bee Gees, direct from London’s West End.

The Bee Gees success has spanned four decades and they have sold millions of records worldwide.

Their album soundtrack to the film Saturday Night Fever is the best selling film soundtrack ever.

They wrote and produced records for Barbra Streisand, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, and many other


The show had an excellent backing band, dancers and vocalists.

The Bee Gees were played by three talented performers, and a narrator guided you through their remarkable story.

All the Bee Gees’ popular hits were covered in the show, for example, Massachusetts, Words, Jive Talking, Night Fever, You Win Again and many more, spread over two 50-minutes sets.

Their encore was the Bee Gees’ number one Tragedy from 1979, later covered by Steps in 1998.

The near sell-out audience sang and danced along to all the hits.

The show continues to tour the UK until the summer.

It’s certainly value for money.

Stephen Briscoe

Via email


Ban smoking whilst driving

I don’t even own a smartphone so I have no personal axe to grind over the proposed crackdown on their use while driving).

However, my car contains a radio, CD player and cigarette lighter, all of which can be operated quite legally while driving.

With the latter there is the added risk of a lighted cigarette falling into one’s lap.

Smokers have accepted the ban on smoking in public places with good grace so I would venture that a ban on smoking while driving might not be a step too far.

Brian Sheridan

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Tougher sentences for terrorist offences

Another day, another terrorist attack on our streets.

It is surely clear now that anyone convicted of any terrorist crime must face much longer prison terms and must always serve their full sentence. No exceptions.

Andrew Snell