Letters - Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Elected or not it’s who you believe

Wednesday, 22nd December 2021, 3:45 pm
Chris Whitty

It is interesting to note that the Tory MPs who turned on Chris Whitty (pictured) and said that this is a virtual lock-down by someone who is unelected.

The elected Tory MPs do not represent their constituents, they represent themselves, lining their own pockets.

Let’s however, look at the speeches which one female Tory MP said were almost identical.

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Chris Whitty looked directly at the camera and spoke clearly and with clarity, sincerity and belief, he is also known as being honest, when asked a question afterwards he answered immediately and confidently, people believed him and what he was saying.

Boris did not look at the camera, he started with bluster and umm’s and err’s. He did not seem sincere and did not seem to believe what he was saying, he mumbled. He has a past of frequently lying, he is lacking in principles, morals and nous. He never answers questions. No-one believed what he was saying!

It is not a matter of elected or unelected, it is a case of who do you believe?

Terry Bennett



Be careful what you wish for

I can’t help but notice that Keir Starmer at the recent Prime Minister’s Question Time has not come out and openly asked for Boris to resign (unlike the Westminster SNP leader).

Is it because he is thinking that it could be to his advantage to try and keep him (Boris) in post for as long as possible in the hope that the springtime Covid enquiry will open so many cans of worms that it could possibly lead to a General Election?

But this idea could backfire, if you remember that the Tories liked the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn where he was because it suited them knowing that he was a liability to the opposition.

So what Keir Starmer has to weigh up is this; if there is a coup very shortly and the king is deposed, is his replacement going to turn out to be the knight in shining armour for a very despondent Conservative electorate?

The likes of Truss and Gove, as well as many others, are busy jockeying for position, but in the meantime, the rank and file are circling the wagons around their leader and are very busy saying nice things about him.

As for the inter departmental Christmas parties that strangely nobody seems to know anything about, it turns out that Simon Case, the man instructed to investigate these parties, attended one himself and it was only when he was ‘outed’ by the newspapers that he was forced to resign from the enquiry.

I can only hope that the New Year brings with it politicians that have the courage of their convictions and are not afraid to speak out when they know that something is wrong and not to blindly toe the party line. After all, it should be constituents first and then their party.

M Tipper



How did it come to this?

How do we tolerate political leaders braying for division?

How do we tolerate friends being coerced into medical treatments against their will?

How do we allow for fear to dominate our entire world?

How do we allow for the elderly and vulnerable to be railroaded into medical treatments they know nothing about?

How do we tolerate a medical profession that no longer puts the patient first?

How do we tolerate a media industry that no longer holds authority to account?

How do we allow for cancer sufferers to die alone at home without the treatment they need?

How do we allow for children to die alone in hospital, their family not allowed to hear their dying breath?

How do we allow this hysteria to control our lives?

How do we tolerate a world where asking questions is a hate crime?

How do we allow for ignorance to dominate over enlightenment, for hate to dominate over love?

How do we?

How do we get out of this?

How did it come to this?

Julie Moss

South Shore


Why not work together?

Watching PMQs and reading the press, it strikes me that the whole purpose of those in power and those in opposition is to score points off each other. Both sides seem to think they are better at running the country. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they would work together to make our country great again?

Peter Hyde via email

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