Letters - Wednesday, December 1, 2021

There is no such thing as a safe place

Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 3:45 pm

Online buyers beware, especially during this busy period of seasonal deliveries.

A recent Royal Mail delivery driver popped a card through the letterbox saying a parcel had been left in my ‘safe place’. It wasn’t there. I wasn’t expecting the parcel, nor had I requested it to be left in a ‘safe place’.

A trip to St Annes delivery office was met by friendly, helpful staff who immediately investigated.

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Generally, I arrange to be at home when expecting delivery of a bulky item. If I’m not at home then my preference is to either leave it with a neighbour or return it to the depot.

You never know who’s watching/following delivery drivers. There’s no such thing as a safe place.

To the person who helped him/herself to my posh Le Creuset corkscrew – I hope you’ve got a nice bottle of wine to open.

Merry Christmas? Bah humbug.

Sue Massey

St Annes


Why should we all pay for firm?

The energy supplier Bulb has gone bust, but the shortfall, all £1.7bn of it, is to be reimbursed by all customers. Why, in the name of fairness, is the deficit not made good by Bulb customers? After all, they’ve had a good innings.

David Bentley

Address supplied


Democracy and despots

There is quite a serious debate taking place as to how the UK should respond to the increasing number of people arriving on the Kent coast, mostly crossing the English Channel in very unsuitable “boats”. In a recent BBC news bulletin, we were told the three major areas from which immigrants come.

Large numbers were coming because they already had relatives here; large numbers from Iraq and Iran; large numbers from the Sudan – claiming the UK as their “mother country”.

Thinking about those from Iraq and Iran, one doesn’t have to be too intelligent to realise that they were fleeing from countries where the word “democracy” is not in the dictionary. Perhaps all the countries in Europe should spend more time on influencing non-democratic countries to become more democratic?

Until the many countries ruled by despots change their ways, the UK will continue to be “The Promised Land”.

Canon Michael Storey

Address supplied


Not all GPs are neglecting patients

I have been reading the letters about people failing to be able to contact their GP practice.

I really feel for these people as I have a chronic respiratory disease and would be very distressed if I was in their position. As it is, my GP practice has been brilliant.

From the very start of the pandemic, I have never felt abandoned by the doctors. I’m not someone who is always first in the queue on Monday morning but, due to the length of the duration of the pandemic, there have been times when it has been important for me to be able to contact the practice or my doctor, and they have not let me down once. So, thank you for making these scary times as good as they can be.

I am 67 years, live on my own and my family are non-drivers who live at a distance so having GPs, who are as dedicated to their patients as mine are, is a blessing which should be enjoyed by all in an ideal world.

I would appreciate if this could be printed – neglect by GPs is not as widespread as some people may think and, as someone once told me, ‘if you’re not happy about something, let your feet do the talking’.

Lyn Gregory

Via email

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