Letters - Tuesday, November 16, 2021

We are not getting anywhere on climate

Tuesday, 16th November 2021, 3:45 pm
Cop 26

What a disappointing letters page on (Letters November 12) from a doctor who can't tell his left from right.

Blair was a right wing neo-liberal spawn of Thatcherism. Labour may have socialism on the label but it wasn’t until Corbyn took the leadership that they were a socialist party again. Now we’ve come full circle with Blair’s new pet Starmer a right wing neo-liberal business-as-usual, economy before environment and not what it says on the label party.

It was Blair’s brand of Thatcherism that helped the BBC to shift the centre ground of politics to the right . Followed by the rise of extremism and Nigel Farage on every political debate on TV and radio . It is no coincidence that the worst Prime Minister in UK history and the most stupid US president in history were in collusion. Luckily the Americans woke up and got rid yet we still have a dire cabinet here.

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Then a letter saying we need new coal mines, did I just read this in a time of crisis. COP 26 has proved to be a no action talking shop. Greenhouse gasses is plural its not just about CO2 . Methane works much quicker and the fact we have life on earth is also excluded but its feed back loops could prove fatal to human life.

There’s a long way to go and while we have a mechanised white man dominator culture.

The chances of getting back to pre-industrial symbiotic relationship with nature, where we create and don’t destroy our environment are slim to zero. We are too late for electric vehicles that band wagon has gone, halving flights immediately is necessary and a 50 per cent power down of our energy supply is needed to achieve our goals. But the political will simply isn’t there we can’t waste another 21 years just talking tosh .

John Warnock



Watch out for car park penalty

Anyone who is having a covid booster and is asked to go to Moor Park Health Centre in Bispham, be warned.

I went on Saturday, November 6 and did as I was asked and went in my car (the only one parked in the disabled area) and on the next Thursday received a letter saying I stayed nine minutes too long and a £40 fine. If not paid within 28 days it would be £70.

The time you spend getting your jab is nothing to do with you but is down to the centre.

The people at the centre were very helpful and pleasant, but I did not expect to have to pay £40 for my jab.

Paul Brambles

Via email


Politicians should not follow the whip

I have recently started to pay closer attention to the voting record of Mark Menzies, Scott Benton and Paul Maynard ( Fylde Coast Conservative MPs ).

All three voted for reform of the scrutiny of MPs’ activities which some people thought was a crude attempt to save a Conservative colleague from censure.

Famously within 24 hours the government had reversed its decision and the MP in question resigned.

What does this tell us about our MPs? Undoubtedly they are loyal to the Conservative Party and loyalty is a great quality. However at times principle and independence are worth much more.

My fear is that these MPs would vote with the government no matter what and whether or not the issues adversely affected the people of this region.

I noted also that they voted for the discharge of sewage which adversely affect the tourist industry and they were silent about a proposed trade deal with Australia that would badly affect our farmers.

Oscar Marshall

Chair, Fylde Labour Party


Elephant in the room on climate

Regarding global warming and climate change, this has been happening since the beginning of time and is cyclical.

Carbon footprint, carbon dioxide emissions and myriad reasons are being blamed by a host of green zealots, activists and headline grabbing opportunists for seriously damaging the environment, but the main reason is being carefully not stated.

Namely over-population. This issue should have been addressed at least a generation ago, but nothing will be done about it because it is too politically and religiously sensitive.

Name and address supplied


MPs should not work for others

What our MPs are doing is a disgrace. Pure greed. None of them should be paid for lobbying on behalf of anybody.

They all get a public payment and should not get any additional fees.

Shame on those that behave like that as it brings those MPs not involved in such abuses to shame. Is the House of Commons that corrupt?

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