Letters - Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Woke culture and the threat to free speech

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 3:45 pm
England soccer
England soccer

Woke culture, as I see it, is the frequently ruthless exploitation and distortion of good causes for left-wing political gain and control.

Its adherents live in a world where almost every aspect of our lives, even our language, is scrutinised to unearth any inherent detail that may violate their own warped agenda.

I say warped because of the manipulation of facts and issues to advance their ideology.

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The concentration on and reshaping of ignoble events in English history without any reference to the redeeming features that are plentiful enough in our island story is a typical example of this bias.

Such machinations deceive many a naïve neutral, who, converted by the virtue they perceive in the woke propaganda, become serious sympathisers and accept, without question, the morality of woke intervention.

And importantly, woke extremism has successfully infiltrated our universities and its activists have remorselessly attempted to eliminate any views that clashed with their own bigotry, resulting in the menacing ‘cancel’ culture with the prescription to end free speech.

Gordon Lawrence

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They’ve turned us into laughing stock

Blundering Boris and Hopeless Hancock, no wonder this country is in a mess.

‘Blundering’ is still unable to answer any questions and making the rules up as he goes along, holding press room briefings at Downing Street before informing the House of Commons where he could be questioned. Why? Because at Downing Street he can pass the questions on to other people to answer.

He is now allowing 2,500 UEFA officials and guests a special dispensation to come and watch the football without having to quarantine.

Meanwhile ‘Hopeless’ is breaking his own rules. Clearly rules do not apply to this spineless pair.

Both of these are failures at what they do so they jump on to the vaccination programme which is a success for the NHS with the Army doing the logistics. This programme is a success not because of them but in spite of them.

It is clear that this Government is totally lacking in morals and principles. Money is their one guiding star.

Blundering is posing a real threat to the nation with his special dispensation and Hopeless is doing what he can to help spread the virus. Blundering hasn’t got the decency to resign and make way for an ‘Honest ‘ leader; if such a person exists within the Tory Party.

They have turned this once proud country into the laughing stock of the world.

Terry Bennett



Rules don’t apply to all

So from June 30, the Balearic Islands have been added to the green list of countries to travel to, currently, but subject to last minute change.

Pay more than £100 for the test (even though the actual cost is £5), and be tracked via a passenger locator form.

It’s quite clear that the ‘rules’ for our ‘safety’ do not apply equally throughout our society.

From the protests against lockdown versus the ones for racial equality; the lack of quarantine for world leaders, football sponsors and their staff versus someone going to France; the restrictions on stadium occupancy versus the Wimbledon final; and then there is the social distancing for people not in your bubble unless you’re a health minister and you’re having an affair.

We can achieve the same levels of health as the world leaders by behaving as they do.


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Global effort

Asking the Government to do something over climate change is all very well, as long as all the other countries pull their weight too – especially Brazil with its rainforest.

We cannot do this alone – no matter what we do here. It’s not just this Government; it’s the whole world that needs waking up to the fact that changes need to be made.

Jarvis Browning

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