Letters - Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Where are these Brexit freedoms?

By Suzanne Steedman
Tuesday, 22nd February 2022, 3:45 pm
Brexit flags

I read this week that a MP claims the “Brexit Freedoms Bill will help boost economy and cut red tape”.

I beg to differ, as a lot of damage has already been caused by the UK leaving Europe in haste without proper scrutiny of the deal and its consequences.

Citizens have been left up the creek without a paddle and put in a weaker, more vulnerable position.

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Johnson/Government record of broken Brexit promises include:

* £350m a week for the NHS, which is facing a financial and staffing crisis;

* The Government has failed to take back control of our borders with rising numbers of refugees seeking genuine immigration and who are held in limbo, while losing essential workers in key services, including health and social care, who are forced to leave the country and go back to Europe;

* Northern Ireland Protocol has caused an increase in bureaucracy and delays with a threat to the Good Friday Agreement leading to a possible break-up of the UK in both Ireland and Scotland;

* The Government has not kept its commitment that “No deal is better than a bad deal” by “getting Brexit done”, at whatever the price;

* This bad deal is causing chaos and the breaking of manifesto promises including VAT reform and House of Lords reform;

* Free trade deals around the world, including in the United States, have not materialised as promised, apart from rehashed ones with lower environmental standards, which tend to be detrimental to UK producers;

* This situation is creating shortages, stoppages and supply chain problems particularly with Europe and is contributing to the cost of living crisis and inflation.

In a last throw of the dice, the Prime Minister has appointed Jacob Rees-Mogg as the “Minister for Brexit Opportunities”.

It was this Brexiteer who admitted in July 2018 that it might take 50 years for the benefits of Brexit to become apparent.

This is too little and too late to rectify the damage and disruption already been done.

I will need a lot of convincing that the Brexit Freedoms Bill will change the situation and bring benefits in time for us to enjoy the fruits of Brexit.

Dave Penney

Address supplied


Disappearing access to cash

Today I’m writing to you to tell you that I’m concerned about my ability to access cash in my local community.

Poulton now has only one bank - Lloyd’s - and who knows how long that will remain.

Equally disturbingly, where not long ago there were nine ATMs, there are only three now and one of these is inside Booth’s store, which of course means limited access.

When I want to deposit a cheque I have to travel to either Blackpool or Cleveleys - a distance of some four miles.

I am a pensioner and have to rely on public transport. Not everyone has access to, or wants to use online banking for security and other reasons. In any case you can’t shove a cheque into a computer!

Michael Antrobus



Nominate child who defies odds

As a long time ambassador for WellChild, the national charity for seriously ill children, I would like to appeal to your readers to get in nominations quickly for this year’s WellChild Awards.

The deadline for nominations has recently been extended until February 27 so please don’t delay if you know a brave and special young person in your area and nominate them for the 2022 WellChild Awards.

At the WellChild Awards 2022, in association with GSK, we will be paying a public tribute to some of the UK’s very special children, young people and caring professionals. And I know there must be many worthy nominees in your area whose inspirational qualities and bravery in the face of adversity mean they deserve their moment to shine.

We are looking for inspirational children and young people who have defied the odds in the face of serious illness and the selfless nurses, doctors, brothers, sisters and friends who help care for them. This is your opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve at a prestigious event regularly attended by WellChild Patron, The Duke of Sussex.

I have presented the WellChild Awards many times alongside The Duke of Sussex and a host of celebrity guests. The awards are a truly magical experience for the winners who have an evening they will never forget. I have seen for myself the wonderful boost that the Awards bring to the winners and nominees, many of whom are living with serious illnesses. In this of all years that’s something they really need.

Nominations for the 2022 WellChild Awards are open now so I would like to appeal to your readers to please get yours in before the closing date on Sunday February 27. Get the details of how to nominate them now on WellChild’s website https://www.wellchild.org.uk/awards/ . The winners will be invited along with their nominator to attend the WellChild Awards ceremony in 2022.

Gaby Roslin

WellChild Ambassador

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