Letters - Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Save £100bn and improve our network

The case for HS2 is a distortion of the facts with regard to ‘freeing up’ the main North West railway line between London Euston and the north.

Being an ex-railway man and living right next to the main line, I can assure any interested parties that the night time traffic on this line is negligible to say the least.

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The argument of HS2 supporters is that there is too much over-capacity on this existing line.

The solution is this - why not transfer (when feasible) more goods traffic to travel at night, freeing up the passenger trains in the daytime, and build more carriages, so people don’t have to stand up?

I remember the railways of old. Politicians keep saying how bad it all was but at least you could afford to travel and get a seat, unlike the privatised shambles you have today. So Boris, save the £100bn and spend it on the dilapidated northern railway network.

Mr M Tipper

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Windmill is

looking grubby

I walked past the Little Marton Windmill on Preston New Road yesterday and was surprised how grubby the windmill had become. When was the last time it had a face lift.

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I noticed in Troutbeck Crescent that some of the flats have been knocked down and all the trees in that area have been cut down. I shall not mention what Blackpool town centre looks like with all the road works and empty shops there.

Charlie Telfer

via email


Enough doom and gloom

I have just read a typical Remoaner letter, full of doom and gloom (Your Say, February 4). We have all had this since June 24, 2016. If, and I stress If, in a few years it doesn’t work out then it is on our heads, the majority who voted leave, but until then, give this Government a chance to do what the democratic vote wished for.

If the British people are given a vote, do NOT ignore them. Democracy works and the majority always win. If you overturn a democratic vote then you have anarchy. The British people are not stupid. They knew what they wanted and what they voted for, and this was reflected in the General Election result.

If you wish to be ruled by an organisation where many people are appointed and not elected (the antithesis of democracy), then I suggest you move to a country that supports this, but be aware that currently the Euro zone is in economic recession. France is rocked by strikes, Germany is in industrial recession and Italy is an economic basket case. Let’s not mention Greece. We may not be the only country to leave EU.

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Myself, and many like me, voted in 1973 to join The European Common Market in order that we would expand our boundaries for trade. We have since been usurped into the EU via The Maastricht Treaty of 1992 and The Lisbon Treaty of 2007. We were not given a vote. Parliament took us in. The EU now wants an army! Our sovereignty is being eroded and this is what people don’t like.

The UK has been a union since 1707 and long may it continue. We had an Empire that at one time ruled the world. It is a brilliant group of countries with some amazing talent. Let’s see some positivity. It won’t happen overnight, but I have no doubt that eventually we will really ‘Get Brexit Done’ and be a truly ‘Great Britain!’

John Scarlett

via email


Energy problem not easily solved

I note that new diesel and petrol cars are to be banned in the future.

I wonder how many new power stations will be built and will the big HGV polluters still be on the road?

Harry Moore

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