Letters - Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Health report’s been dismissed by PM

Tuesday, 3rd August 2021, 3:45 pm

The recently published National Food Strategy by Henry Dimbleby was established to make recommendations as to how to overcome Britain’s alarming obesity problem which is putting an enormous strain on the NHS, as well as increasing the incidence of cancer and heart disease.

This, combined with the reality of climate change, means that in order to reduce climate change, we shall need to reduce our meat consumption substantially, hopefully eating less but better.

After all the work that has gone into researching and compiling this report, why on earth has it been dismissed by the Prime Minister who says he won’t increase taxes on salt and sugar, the major causes of obesity and ill health?

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Justin Beament

via email

Perhaps if farms were more of the organic free range variety rather than the industrial large-scale type, this would be a major improvement for our health, animal welfare and the environment? It might be more expensive but we would eat less and appreciate more.

Ava Bantam

via email


Bring back National Insurance flat rate

Chancellor Rishi Sunak should look into the history of National Insurance Contributions before he considers further the removal of the so-called pensions ‘triple lock’. When I commenced work after leaving school in the 1950s, I, like all my contemporaries, paid a flat rate National Insurance contribution of 9/11d (50p).

This was 10 per cent of my wage which was £5 per week. I also paid income tax on this sum. This flat rate stamp was paid on wages a lot lower than this.

The starting point for paying NIC now is £184, and before the pandemic, Rishi Sunak was contemplating raising the starting threshold to £200.

He should immediately re-introduce the flat rate stamp and everyone should have to pay it without exception. I have paid National Insurance for over 50 years.

The reason that governments hit pensioners is because they know we can’t retaliate. We have one of the lowest pensions in Europe and any increase the triple lock gives us is about £5 a week, how far does that go?

We pensioners get very few concessions and we pay considerably more council tax than many people who are working and bringing in very good salaries. We have also lost the concession on our TV licences.

John D White

Address supplied


Great time to come up with adapter

I see in the news that various car companies have opted to make their electric cars and vans in the UK.

Does the Government not think this would be a good time to insist that all cars for the UK market, be fitted with a compatible charger connection?

There are many chargers that cannot be used because the charger only accepts certain cable plugs.

Now would be a great time for some electrical firm to come up with a universal adapter to enable electric car owners to recharge at the most common chargers.

Dave Croucher

Address supplied


Our efforts all just drops in the ocean

While it is right and proper that we make every effort to reduce climate change, the fact is that what every we can do is a ‘drop in the ocean’ in the great scheme of things.

Countries like India, China and some in South America are either unable or unwilling to co-operate with others in their efforts to halt or at least slow the change.

We can only hope that eventually a smidgeon of common sense may prevail the world over and give our species a while longer before the inevitable happens.

Peter Hyde

via email


Great freight on HS2

I totally agree with your sentiment that HS2 has been mis-sold – and that it provides great opportunities for freight traffic. However I still think Northern Powerhouse Rail, and a new line over the Pennines, needs to take precedence from both a passenger and freight point of view. I hope others agree.

James Buick

via email

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