Letters - Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Too much American news coverage on TV

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 3:45 pm
Donald Trump

Am I alone in being totally hacked off by blanket coverage of US politics and politicians, ever since Donald Trump said that he would run for President?

Think of the Impeachment hearings, the Supreme Court nominations, the coverage of the riots Black Lives Matters inspired.

The Derek Chauvin trial had blanket coverage.

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It is an American trial in an American court and it is for the American judicial system to handle.

Non-Americans have no say but the BBC and Sky seem to forget this.

Voters in this country have much to concern them – the pandemic, the grief it has wrought, the certain large rise in unemployment as furlough monies dry up, hospital waiting times – all this will hit us here.

It is, I suggest, a time to ask just how many correspondents for TV and radio the BBC has in the US in current financial circumstances.

Be sure that they will not be on low salaries, and expenses and allowances will be paid for by the licence fee holders.

Sky shareholders at least know that they can raise such issues.

MK O’Sullivan

via email


Further dangers on smart motorways

Re: Smart motorways. Even if you do manage to make it to the refuge, there is the obstacle of the crash barrier to climb over, then there is no paved area to stand safely. If we have to have these motorways, let’s have some more thought.

Phillip Barrigan

via email


Waters have just got murkier

Well, here we go again, just when we thought it was safe to go back into the murky Westminster waters, we learn with growing unease that the sharks of the two-legged variety are still swimming away as though the expenses scandal never happened.

Whether it’s ‘dodgy Dave’ with his defence that “he didn’t break any rules” (a well used line straight out of the expenses scandal) or the refusal by our great leader to hold an enquiry into the PPE procurement process, only to say it will be held in the far distant future, does not bode well for getting to the truth.

The list of ministers that have transgressed, with Boris standing by them, is growing and now we hear of Members of Parliament signing a petition to the Speaker, deploring the alleged lies peddled by Boris when answering questions in Parliament (giving straight answers to questions asked, whatever next?)

What with Cummings and Jenrick, with his overturning of a certain planning permission, the Patel bullying incident, and then there’s the alleged procurement moonlighting – the list goes


We the electorate have more years to go before a General Election when we can rid ourselves of the parasites in power, especially so when you get a minister saying that he didn’t come into politics to get rich. REALLY?!

M Tipper



Design a stamp for heroes

I hope parents will encourage their children to take part in Royal Mail’s stamp design competition, to honour the heroes of the pandemic.

The competition is open to children, aged four to 14.

Eight designs will be chosen to become stamps which will be on sale across the UK.

Children may choose to illustrate frontline workers in health or social care.

They may want to celebrate other key workers who have kept the country going.

Or they might highlight the volunteers who have helped in their local communities or raised money for charity.

The competition is open until Friday, May 28.

As with all Special Stamps, the final eight designs will be sent to The Queen before they can be printed and issued as stamps.

The winners will be announced in the autumn.

Full details can be found at www.royalmail.com/stampcompetition

David Gold

Royal Mail


In response to Phil Cray’s letter, I can only hope that should Meghan Markle give 50-plus years’ ceaseless and diligent service to the UK and the Commonwealth, then she, too, will have most certainly earned the right to a period of national mourning (being feted optional, as it didn’t happen in the case of Prince Philip’s funeral, a relatively low-key affair as these things go), wealth and status notwithstanding (LP Letters, April 17).

Sadly, as things stand, it seems unlikely.

Stephanie Bruntlett



I see that Morrisons is doing away with all bags containing plastic and only selling paper or material ones.

Good for them but a pity they are not thinking about their customers who don’t have mobile phones to get discounts and offers now Morrisons is doing away with the ‘More’ card.

Mrs J Watson

via email

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