Letters - Thursday, July 29, 2021

Council right to lose now they can pay bill

Thursday, 29th July 2021, 3:45 pm
Franklin Graham

I am writing in reference to the recent court case, which Blackpool Council lost and were fined £109,000 for ‘Religious Discrimination’.

Firstly, I am very concerned that a local authority is not familiar with legislation and proceeded to break the law, I sincerely hope that appropriate action has been taken against those responsible.

Secondly, please do not expect us tax payers to pay the fine or legal costs – please be aware that we do not consent!

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I respectfully suggest that those responsible for making such unlawful and disgraceful decisions pay it out of their wages, which we have already ultimately funded.

Name and address


I was encouraged by the recent court ruling against Blackpool Council over the removal of a perfectly acceptable and inoffensive advert from a bus.

It was indeed an infringement of Franklin Graham’s (pictured) Christian group’s human rights, particularly their right to freedom of speech.

And herein lies the irony of the Woke movement.

Perhaps the town hall is so infested with the scourge of Woke that it could not see that in its pursuit of what it views as promoting equality and diversity and eliminating discrimination it was doing exactly the opposite.

I was encouraged because the judges have shown themselves once again to be our last bastion against such tyranny.

With legal challenges set to be mounted against vaccine passports and use of coercion against the unvaccinated, and increasingly their children, I look to the judges and Common Law to restore some balance and decency to this country.

Frances Pack



Lying is part of job of being the PM

Boris Johnson has been taking a lot of criticism regarding lying. Can anyone tell me the name of any Prime Minister who has not repeatedly lied, ‘over egged the pudding’, misled parliament, been economical with the truth and withheld information from the public.

Lying is part of the job.

Peter Bye

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Vaccine passport app to protect us

So, vaccine passports will soon be coming to a venue near you. Only large venues, initially, but will no doubt be accessible to all soon after.

More than 90 per cent of adults have antibodies. More than 88 per cent have had their first jab, more than 67 per cent have had their second jab (statistics from ONS), but we need to be protected against the 10 per cent who may spread a virus because the vaccine isn’t 100 per cent effective – as shown by the Health Secretary’s recent diagnosis. The best way to protect the remainder of society is with an app on our phones that links to all our medical and criminal history. This is a Government IT system so will be as secure as we would expect from such systems.

Yes, lockdown has officially ended and the cases have been falling for the past five days but that’s not to suggest that lockdowns don’t work.

We must be careful, vigilant and only by restricting the movements of the currently unvaxxed, can the NHS and the rest of society be protected.


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Is vaccine app start of a slippery slope?

I am shocked at how many people are so accepting of the idea of vaccine passports. If I thought it for a temporary period of time, during an emergency, at limited high-risk places, and where there was always an option of a test, I might be a little happier. But these questions appear not to have been asked or answered. I worry it is the start of a slippery slope (and yes, I’ve had my vaccines).




We want to hear the facts

It appears that the Covid-19 death gene is rapidly diminishing, and the rapid decline in deaths hopefully spells the end of this blight.

Surely it is time the media acknowledged this dramatic fall in fatalities and sent that knowledge to the public? After all, we just want the truth and the facts.

The numbers of the diminishing death toll are screaming out to be heard; how come we the public cannot hear it?

Trev Bromby

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Saving the Amazon can be your choice

The only way to save the Amazon is to stop buying soybeans and timber from there. Maybe the same should apply to palm oil. The land just might return to what it was before it is too late.

Jarvis Browning

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