Letters - Thursday, July 15, 2021

Investment in HGV training is needed

Thursday, 15th July 2021, 3:45 pm

As we are seeing a shortage of skills in many industries and areas, it is the ideal time for government investment in training such important skills.

High on the agenda should be the highly skilled HGV drivers required.

To drive a HGV requires a great deal of skill and courage, as to take these huge vehicles on the road with trailers behind is not only skilful but a great responsibility, not only for their own safety but that of the general public, whether road users or careless pedestrians.

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Seeing them manoeuvre these monsters through congested towns and roads, with cars parked on either side, is amazing. It is skilful and should be seen as a very necessary part of workforce in the UK.

Likewise, perhaps it is time we took pride, as do the Italians, when serving in a restaurant.

They show charm, courtesy and are helpful and polite – sometimes lacking in our own staff.

This is another area where training could be applied.

One doesn’t need a degree to work in such industries, but they are important.

People should recognise their worth and give them the high regard they deserve.

Marilyn Shaw

via email

I was alarmed to read that the Government’s solution to a shortage of lorry drivers to transport foods and goods is to increase their working hours.

Given those available to work are presumably already doing their maximum hours to make up with the shortfall, giving tired and overworked drivers yet more work seems to me to be a recipe for potential disaster.

The Government say driver safety must not be compromised but these very measures seem to be doing exactly that.

It is not fair on other road users or the drivers themselves and the consequences could very well be disastrous, given fatigue is often a common factor in road accidents.

Jenny Eaves

via email


You need to have word with yourself

I’m very fortunate that over the past few days or more I have not had to ‘unfriend’ anyone from social media.

Fortunately over the past few years I have made a concerted effort to disassociate/unfriend myself from a number of characters who deep down held racist views or have hypocritical hidden racist agendas.

I feel much better mentally and physically by not having ill informed, ignorant people in my life anymore or debating with them .

Harry Redknapp a man of the people who has superlative knowledge of football both as a player and manager nailed on Monday morning on BBC Radio 4 about the UEFA final last Sunday.

Anyone who wants to slag off these gifted, generous and inspirational young football players need to have a word with themselves. They were simply very unlucky scoring penalties whilst playing under an unimaginable amount of pressure.

Instinctively, it is less likely for a person to act like a vulgar racist when a black doctor or fire fighter is saving your life or rescuing your loved ones in an emergency.

Stephen Pierre

via email


Euros tainted by fans’ behaviour

Whilst the England team and management have performed admirably throughout the Euros, reaching the first major tournament final in 55 years and only falling at the final hurdle, I am afraid the moronic fans have failed to reflect the high standards our team set.

From booing the National Anthem of Denmark at the semi-final to one imbecile trying to distract and blind their keeper Kasper Schmeichel at the Kane penalty with a laser gun.

Accompanied with the chanting of controversial songs, is it not surprising that UEFA have punished the FA for this ill discipline?

Matters reached a crescendo with feral behaviour on Wembley Way and things turned even more sinister when more then 1,000

ticketless hooligans, many with cans of lager in their hands, broke through barriers.

They smashed gates off their hinges, stormed the stadium, created chaos and an atmosphere of high tension between spectators, and left stewards helpless.

Needless to say Covid checkpoints and guidelines were clearly ignored.

If matters could not get worse, we hear that three of our young black players have been subjected to racial abuse on social media.

These half-wits have caused our country massive embarrassment and there must be an almighty sigh of relief from the rest of the footballing world in the knowledge that the competition will be held in Germany in four years’ time.

Jim Oldcorn

address supplied

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