Letters - Thursday, July 1, 2021

I was impressed by the care of NHS staff

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 3:45 pm
Caring NHS staff

I was suddenly hit by a stroke whilst visiting my daughter and family. Fortunately I was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

I was very impressed with the commitment and care of its nursing staff, always totally professional, even with less co-operative patients.

I saw one staff member forego breaks and a lunch break in order to care for the patients with severe stroke issues.

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The multinational nursing team, from across the globe, worked seamlessly together to support and care for the stroke patients, some of whom had Covid.

These nurses do not undertake such an occupation for money, they do it because they care for their patients as individuals.

Just as nurses across the country put themselves at risk to care for Covid patients.

Large numbers of NHS staff died from Covid, putting their patients’ wellbeing ahead of their own safety.

At the peak of the pandemic we were asked to clap for the NHS staff, to show our appreciation and gratitude.

The present Government has shown just how much its gratitude and appreciation is worth – just a one per cent pay rise!

Personally I am ashamed of the Government, particularly Boris Johnson whose life was saved by NHS nurses when he was very ill with Covid.

Understandably one of his nurses has now resigned in disgust.

So thank you NHS for your hard work and committed staff, you should be proud.

Andrew Milroy

via email


Ruling by minority

It is fascinating to learn that, if the EU referendum was run today, Remain would win by 51 to 49 per cent “if undecideds are discounted” – more or less the opposite from the actual referendum vote in 2016.

The referendum, in favour of Brexit, only attracted 31 per cent of the total population of people entitled to vote.

As with many issues, this Government rules ‘by minority’, not majority approval of the people of the United Kingdom.

Recent Covid-breaking activities by some members of the Government reveal, still further, its lack of integrity.

Canon Michael Storey

via email


GP service has been very poor

Our GP service is very poor. Since Covid, I have had minor surgery in hospital and an eye test. My husband has also had an eye test as well as dental treatment, but seeing our GP is all but impossible.

Recently, when asking for help with a hand injury which will not heal, my husband asked if a GP would look at it. He already had antibiotics and sent a photo but to no avail.

The advice from the receptionist was, if you want to see a doctor, go to a walk-in centre in Blackpool or Fleetwood! We live near Preston so the next suggestion was go to Urgent Care at Royal Preston Hospital.

Then we read in the newspapers that A&E departments are overwhelmed.

Is it any wonder?

The NHS is not free, we all pay for it in our taxes.

In the case of our GP surgery, we do not feel that we are getting value for money.

Is there, perhaps, a political agenda to prepare us for private health care?

Concerned patient

via email


The left and the end of free speech

I used to see myself as being on the left. I cared about the NHS, the environment and believed action was needed to alleviate poverty and homelessness.

But I see myself now as being on the centre. You see, I believe in free speech and treating people as well, people, like me. How would I like to be treated? Well, that’s how I try to treat others.

Alas the left (far left?) these days don’t seem to believe in free speech, or even freedom of thought.

And within the big box called Identity Politics, everyone must be put into a little box depicting their sex, gender identity, sexuality, religion, race and so on.

Difference is more important than similarities, minority groups are victims and everyone else is an oppressor.

Anyone who says anything that is not current ‘right think’ must be racist, sexist, transphobic et cetera. Yet many a time these virture signallers trip themselves up with their hypocrisy.

And so it is that the far left zealots has set up a campaign against the new channel GB News for the crime of freedom of speech.

If only we had an opposition to the current Government, now that would be something!




Lack of trust

We expect better behaviour from our MPs during normal times, but we expect them to lead by example during a pandemic.

It is why Matt Hancock had to resign as Health and Social Care Secretary. He should now resign as the Conservative MP for West Suffolk. How can his constituents now have any trust in him?

Dave Ellis

via email

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