Letters - Thursday, August 12, 2021

School mealsSchool meals
School meals
The system penalises those who have jobs

I am a single mother who works 48 hours a week. I struggle with child care but I manage because I have to.

At the end of the month, once all my bills are paid, I have very little left, but I just about manage. It was brought to my attention that the school was giving £90 food vouchers to each child during the sixweek holiday. My daughter was not entitled to this because I work. So, basically, my daughter can go without because I work, but if I sit on my backside and don’t go to work I will get everything paid for me, plus extra money for food during the holidays.

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People on benefits have more money left over at the end of the month than I do. I think either every child should get a food voucher or no child should receive one. Not only do I not receive any help, I am the one paying for these vouchers for other people’s children to eat well during the holidays from paying tax.

I think it’s disgusting and I want to change this. People who have more than one child are receiving £90 per child! I don’t understand why they don’t feel it’s important to make sure my daughter is fed well just because I have a job. I receive no benefits, no top-up, no help with my mortgage – nothing. I haven’t bought myself new clothes or shoes for years because I simply can’t afford to yet I see the mums on benefits with new clothes the best trainers and iPhones. The system is unfair and penalises people who work, it should be the other way round.

I want to take this further and I want to make changes to help people who work hard for a living and are struggling to get by. Please could you help me get my voice heard?

Joanna Naylor

via email


Olympians’ effort has been inspiring

As a 75-year-old trained fitness instructor and resident at an Anchor Hanover retirement scheme, seeing our inspiring Olympians reaching the podium and winning us medals has made me reflect on the importance of cycling for our nation.

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Cycling has always been an important part of my life. Keeping healthy as we get older is crucial, and the benefits of exercise for our physical and mental wellbeing are profound.

The pandemic has brought this home. Anchor Hanover’s research found that a third of us are now exercising more than pre-pandemic. But as restrictions lift, we are at a turning point – and we need to ensure we don’t take our foot off the pedal.

It’s been inspiring to see the nation joining our Get Set, Cycle challenge. We’ve already smashed our target to cycle the distance of the Tour de France, and have set a new goal to cycle 24,901 miles, the circumference of the Earth. With the help of the nation, we’re confident we’ll get there!

So join in, help us clock up the miles, and get us around the world using #getsetcycle.

Terry Keen

via email


Our officers need to get out and about

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The police service of our country will never manage to get back to being effective until there is a massive change of thinking.

Country bobbies are a thing of the past. Without these vital contacts, there is no way that crime can be cut. Speaking as an old-time officer who served in city and county forces, I knew the value of being out and about.

Information comes from talking and being friends with those you serve, as well as being available for advice.

Patrol cars used to be a visible presence. I live on a route to the seaside and, when travelling, I am often overtaken by speeding cars. Rarely do I see a police car.

Peter Hyde

via email


Covid is not the blame for this

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As the excuse of the “pingdemic” and covid being responsible for the country’s growing food and other supply line problems becomes less available we can expect further manufactured excuses and attacks on the EU from our utterly disreputable government.

In those circumstances it may be worth remembering the following:

l The EU has Covid, the EU does NOT have Brexit, the EU does NOT have supply line problems;

l The UK has Covid, the UK has Brexit, the UK has supply line problems.

M J Bowman

via email


Ones who went first are deserving

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Never mind enticing the younger population to have the Covid vaccine with free Uber rides and takeaways, shouldn’t it be us old folk who boldly went first with that step into the unknown to halt the surge in the virus that deserve anything free that’s on offer?

Paul Morley

address supplied

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