Letters - Thursday, April 29, 2021

Imprison owners of vicious attack dogs

Thursday, 29th April 2021, 3:45 pm

It is with shock and dismay to learn of the St Annes family King Charles being attacked (‘Warning given after dog killed’ - The Gazette, April 27) by two Alsatians unattended and not on leads.

Poor pet Ruby (pictured) didn’t stand a chance. This is happening all too often with vicious dog owners fleeing the scene and their inability to control their dog(s) is a blot on humanity, very much like a traffic hit and run.

The owners of the Alsatians were handed a warning as well as a dog control order from the warden. Oh yes, that’ll do the trick!

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We know the law has a soft approach on dog owners who allow their vicious pets to run amok and a change is long overdue - a prison sentence for the owners and the culprit dog(s) impounded.

It won’t bring dogs like Ruby back nor will it eliminate the trauma Mr Motley’s wife experienced but it could possibly offer some closure and a deterrent to owners of out-of-control dogs, but in this case, those two Alsatians are free to do it again!

Clifford Chambers



Ironic concern from rich Gary Lineker

How ironic that Gary Lineker has expressed concern about the formation of a European Super League, which will create more wealth for the chosen few, when pensioners are being threatened over non-payment of the TV licence fees which contribute to his enormous salary.

Malcolm Nicholson

via email


Freedom, truth and democracy

Where do we stand in a country that believes lying is okay?

It starts at the top and when our PM, Cabinet Ministers and Parliamentarians turn a deaf ear to truth, democracy is sabotaged.

Our Government is adept at using the language of war in connection with Covid-19.

Their simplistic slogans are easy to remember but remember, truth is always the first casualty in any war.

We are told vaccine passports, if introduced, will be our path to freedom, but if the rights we had before are now removed, how can that be a path to freedom?

There will of course be many readers who believe every word spoken by ministers and scientists and follow the ‘rules’ unquestioning.

Those questioning the party line are ridiculed, accused of being a conspiracy theorist, being out of touch with reality.

What is it our Government does not want us to hear? That they have had their noses in the trough while people are suffering extraordinary hardships?

That the great reset will mean loss of freedoms, fought for over many years but lost in a year?

Jane Dean

address supplied


Meghan Markle and national mourning

I can only hope that should Meghan Markle give 50-plus years’ ceaseless and diligent service to the UK and the Commonwealth, then she, too, will have most certainly earned the right to a period of national mourning (being feted optional, as it didn’t happen in the case of Prince Philip’s funeral, a relatively low-key affair as these things go), wealth and status notwithstanding.

Sadly, as things stand, it seems unlikely.

Stephanie Bruntlett

address supplied


No ‘More’ plastic

I see that Morrisons is doing away with all bags containing plastic and only selling paper or material ones.

Good for them but a pity they are not thinking about their customers who don’t have mobile phones to get discounts and offers now Morrisons is doing away with the ‘More’ card.

Mrs J Watson

via email


Use Off button

You will have to excuse my ignorance as a person who can ring, text, send emails and use Whatsapps on my old mobile.

Famous people are going to turn their social media off as a protest against racism this weekend.

My phone (oh, and tablet) have on/off switches so why do those in the public eye not stay off social media? We have something far more dangerous to contend with at the moment.

Lesley Skorupka

via email