Letters - Thursday, April 22, 2021

You need to improve or you’ll be battered!

Thursday, 22nd April 2021, 3:45 pm
Updated Monday, 26th April 2021, 7:10 am
Fish and chips

Later this year I will be visiting Blackpool as it looks unlikely that foreign travel will be allowed.

I, and my family, are looking forward to a traditional seaside holiday and Blackpool is the obvious choice.

With that in mind I have been doing some research so that I eat at the best fish & chip shops and we are not disappointed with second rate meals.

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A chap called Leroy has a Youtube channel [Helens crowd and loud] and since October 2020 he has, at his own expense, tasted fish & chips from a variety of establishments with varying results.

It would appear that takeaways on the Promenade are over-priced and mediocre quality and are basically there to rip the punters off.

This will not show Blackpool in a very good light.

Whereas back-street shops give much better value for money.

By the way, is it usual to have ‘bouncers’ in a Blackpool fish & chips shop ? I suppose it depends on how many dissatisfied customers you have !

I wish Blackpool success for the 2021 season but with establishments like these you will have an uphill battle.

I am sending this letter to you and many others in the hope that standards can be raised before the season really gets going.

G J Bunton

via email


Huge fuss over Super League

Some clubs want to play some extra matches among themselves.

So what?

Professional footballers should be fit enough for it.

If fans don’t like it, they don’t have to go.

Some are complaining that the clubs will make money, but that is how they stay in business.

Some object to there being no relegation, but no club will want to come last.

The huge fuss against it must be for another reason which you think is so obvious that there is no need to explain. Well, it’s not. Please do.

Stephen Palmer



Post Office smart but address wrong

I went to check out the new Blackpool Post Office which was advertised as 2B Bickerstaffe Square Talbot Road Blackpool near Sainsbury’s.

This is misleading I walked down Talbot Road past Bickerstaffe Square and down as far as Topping Street.

It was only when I retraced my steps that I spotted it on Cookson Street.

This is a very smart new Post Office, modern, with a good stack of cards, jams, cakes. It is spacious and well laid out. Other things will be added shortly however, first of all is to correct the address.

It is: Talbot Gateway Post Office, 2B Bickerstaffe House, Cookson Street, (off Talbot Road) Blackpool.

The postcode is shown as FY1 3AZ though this appears on Google as the front of Bickerstaffe House? That would need verifying. Bickerstaffe Square is the frontage of the building.

As stated it is smart, modern, and when all the other parts are sorted in the next two weeks it will become an important part of the community.

Terry Bennett



Green cheese for Mr Cameron?

Who does David Cameron think he is kidding?

He must consider Joe Public to be daft.

If contacting Government ministers directly on behalf of the company you work for is not ‘lobbying’, then the moon is most definitely made of green cheese.

Peter Rickaby

via email


It’s altruism...

not Big Brother

As a layman it seems to me that a large proportion of the general public are seeing the actions of the Government regarding Covid-19 restrictions as a Big Brother dictatorship – rather than the altruism intended.

Albert Cringe

via email

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