Letters, Saturday March 23, 2019

Your MBE is well deserved

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 4:30 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 4:43 pm
Jon Bamborough with his MBE

I was pleased to see Jonathon Bamborough awarded an MBE by Prince William at Buckingham Palace. It must have been a memorable special day of pride for his family and friends, especially his mother Barbara - as it was her birthday. Jon has spent many years supporting the community with various good causes. He has organised numerous live music events - and without the benefit of corporate sponsors. He founded the Blackpool Music Festival, a series of fringe events, in 2012, which was set up at his own expense. He is a passionate volunteer and fundraiser for the Blackpool Charity Streetlife, as well as a supporter of the grass roots organisation, Musicians Against Homelessness. Every year he has offered his time as a production assist with The Blackpool Jazz & Blues Weekend, that was founded in 2015, which proudly supports Trinity Hospice. Jon has previously served as a Blackpool councillor. He is a fair minded guy, a man who has good morals and is a supporter of social justice. He has no time for nonsense, injustice, insincerity or racism. His deserved recognition of becoming a Member of the British Empire I’m pretty certain will strengthen his position in order to benefit others. Congratulations Jonathon Bamborough MBE.Stephen PierreUnity Music Arts TrustUmat.org.ukSocietyWe must educate young about drugs

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I remember my school days, many decades ago, and how the ‘clever boys’ would sub money together to purchase a packet of cigarettes. The oldest looking boy would be sent into a friendly newsagent to acquire the contraband. I could never understand the appeal, especially the rite of passage of coughing and spluttering, and despite Hollywood films at the ‘flicks’, portraying sultry couples sharing a smoke together. Fortunately, tobacco addiction is on the wane.Unfortunately, it is being replaced with more dangerous drugs. The gangs bringing this poison into our country are often linked to a wide range of crimes. Murder, money laundering, sex slavery, fraud... so I cannot understand how ‘recreational drug users’ live with their conscience, given these horrible things perpetrated by the suppliers of narcotics. End users are effectively complicit in murder.These illegal drugs create mental psychosis, paranoia, indolence and, of course, addiction. All this leads to personal financial ruination. These countries with a long history of this tend to suffer endemic violence and economic chaos. That some politicians promote the siren calls to legalise drugs is at best misplaced and mistaken idealism.Instead of schoolchildren going on strike about global warming, they should be spending a school day learning the truth of this evil trade and its links to the drugging and control of young girls who become enmeshed in prostitution by rape gangs.Our children need educating and warning of the dangers of drug addiction which some liberals present as mere lifestyle choice. Edward JohnsonAddress suppliedPoliticsI’ve never been more ashamed...

Albert Einstein is broadly credited with exclaiming, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. Well, Theresa May and her Conservative Party, regarding Brexit, have ticked all the boxes on that one. As this Government insist on embarrassing and making the country a laughing stock around the world with its Brexit strategies, we should never forget how their policies have left the majority of the people in this country behind.They have systematically dismantled everything in this country, like the NHS and education, with their ideological drive that has trebled the national debt to over £2trillion.They keep talking about hard decisions and a magic money tree, yet they have found over £100bn in corporation tax cuts to businesses and over £2bn for the DUP. It’s taken Red Nose Day for some people to stand up and take notice. Every year Red Nose Day raises millions of pounds for starving men, women and children around the world. This year they have been raising money for the hungry men, women and children in this country, who have been ignored and left behind by this Government. Never in my life have I been more ashamed of this country and the people who put this party into governance.Ged Taylorvia email