Letters - Monday, November 8, 2021

More porky-pies - this time over fish...

Monday, 8th November 2021, 3:45 pm

In a BBC interview recently, Secretary of State for the Environment George Eustice stated: “We got a 25 per cent uplift in quota” for British fishermen in the Brexit Agreement.

He constantly repeats this porky-pie.

Prior to the agreement British fishermen had a quota of 50 per cent of fish caught in British waters and after five-and-a-half years that quota is to increase to 58 per cent, a mere 8 per cent uplift.

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He then went on to cast doubt on the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) forecast that the long-term economic consequence of Brexit would be twice that of the Coronavirus pandemic, stating that the 4 per cent loss of GDP due to Brexit was an ‘old figure’.

The OBR published this figure in their Economic and Fiscal Outlook on October 27, this year.

But of course, we are used to porky-pies and sleights of hand from our government, aren’t we?

Mike Baldwin

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Always cycles of temperature change

Your correspondents are mistaken to assert that “science tells us that global warming is real and man-made”. There is no doubt that temperatures have been increasing since the last mini ice age from 1750 onwards.

But there have been many cycles of warming and cooling in the planet’s history as evidenced by many ice ages and then subsequent warmer or interglacial periods.

There is however a “crisis” regarding pollution as air and water quality have been adversely affected by emissions and discharges. There is a genuine concern regarding deforestation and the loss of wildlife habitat and resource depletion of finite resources.

These genuine concerns have been deliberately conflated with “climate change” to create panic and misinform the public.

Alec Suchi

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Brainwashed by Woke movement

Reading The Gazette about how important newspapers are for keeping readers up-to-date with news.

In a Sunday paper I read this week it informed us white civil servants were told to confront their ‘privilege’ by reading books.

The book list given to one civil servant included the book ‘There Ain’t No Black in the Union Jack’, which was originally published in 1987.

I bought this book 30 years ago when I was taking a course on ‘Race’ at university. Students had a choice of subjects. I later bought the book ‘Racist Victimization’ (2008).

For many years I was a volunteer. I met up with many volunteers from professional backgrounds to cleaners who worked in local food bank. They came from all walks of life. I met up with many volunteers, we even went to a night held in Blackpool Tower. I know they all beaver away in their communities without reward.

Civil Servants will have to be trained but should not be brainwashed by Woke. They are told they have to confront their privileges for being white. These people will be frightened of losing their jobs.

What is the Government’s role in all this brainwashing by Woke?

There seems to be an explosion of race issues, even on television. Many people believe in colour blindness and integration, not diversity and differences.

Also we are told we have to admit our place in a system of oppression. As a volunteer I learned not to be racist and to treat every person as an equal. Many white people are not racist.

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Time to look after resort’s homeless

I think it’s about time Blackpool council looked at getting homeless people off our streets, especially as winter is fast approaching.

This government sickens me when they home several hundred asylum seekers and put them in the Metropole Hotel. So why can’t they put homeless people sleeping in our doorways in a hotel?

In our modern times we now shouldn’t be seeing this in Blackpool as it’s supposed to be a family holiday resort !!

Dave Clark

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