Letters - Monday, May 10, 2021

Focus on improving local public transport

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 12:00 pm

We are in a climate and ecological emergency, losing animal and plant species at an estimated rate of 1,000 to 10,000 times faster than expected.

This is due to increased pollution and the destruction of natural habitats.

The UK has lost 80 per cent of its native birds since 1970 and over 40 per cent of the earth’s insect populations are threatened with extinction.

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The UK has one of the lowest percentages of tree cover in the world, and although it is increasing, the trees being planted are non-native and in isolated locations with poor ecological conditions, therefore, woodland wildlife is still declining.

The production of HS2 and its necessary infrastructure is producing so much pollution that it will not reach carbon neutral until 2100.

Climate scientists are warning that we must reach carbon neutral far sooner than that if we are to avoid the current trajectory that has us set to reach unliveable temperatures by 2100.

The majority of people will never use HS2, and are currently suffering due to lack of public transport options.

I am a local mother who tries to live environmentally consciously.

We use public transport often, but the service is appalling.

The future needs better, greener connection within cities, not between them, as we move more towards localised living.

A white paper published by The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight suggested that the creation of E-Highways would be the best way to decarbonise road freight with the least economic cost and has no need for mass scale deforestation and environmental destruction.

If the Government care about the environment, and improving people’s lives, this is the option they should have chosen.

Elizabeth Pell

via email


The good old days of reliable Woolies

With high street stores either in trouble or closing, I am starting to look back with nostalgic eyes to the days when good old reliable Woolworths served us well.

Max Nottingham

via email


Christianity needed more than ever

I couldn’t agree more with Clifford Chambers re Layton Church refused planning permission.

I am a member of this church and can vouch for the dedication, kindness and hard work of the trustees who run the church. Everyone is welcome, regardless of colour or whether they’re Christian or not, and to refuse this request for LED publicity of events held there is preposterous.

Especially when, many years ago, I physically went to a town hall meeting to object to the continuation of the licence of the sex shop on Church Street/Devonshire Square. I told them I’d lived in Blackpool 50 years and had seen it slowly deteriorate, ending up nothing like the town I first moved to. In spite of my speech and objection, the licence was still granted.

It looks as though there is a real war going on here, folks - the war between good and evil. This decision needs reversing and soon, for the benefit of the Layton community. Perhaps a petition could be started?

When we look at the world around us, never before has Christianity been more needed.

Mrs J Geddes

Whitemoss Avenue



Covid prevalent for years to come

I read with dismay in your editorial (The Gazette, April 9) the doom laden rhetoric about us going back to ‘square one in no time’.

Covid will be prevalent in the whole world in some form or another for many years, ie we are going to have to live with it!

Every country will deal with this differently, but here in the UK there will be no more lock down.

This strategy is futile and unaffordable.

Mr S Knight



Was anyone on mass trespass

April 2022 marks the 90th anniversary of the 1932 Kinder Scout mass trespass when five ramblers were jailed for setting foot on the privately owned grouse moor.

There were about 400 people on the trespass, many from the North West and I would like to hear from their families and friends.

I am preparing a new publication to mark the protest. If any readers can give me any details about them I will include it in my book.

Keith Warrender

Willow Publishing

36 Moss Lane



Cheshire WA15 6SZ