Letters - Monday, July 5, 2021

Making a doctors appointment is near on impossibleMaking a doctors appointment is near on impossible
Making a doctors appointment is near on impossible
It’s time to be able to see our GPs again

For years before Covid, A&E departments have had to treat patients for ailments that should have been by their own GP service. Because of the lack of appointments, hospitals are the only answer.

Now, thanks to Matt Hancock who wanted to end all face-to-face appointments with GPs, it’s harder than ever. Sajid Javid must end the practice.

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GPs were warned by NHS chiefs two years ago that by refusing face-to-face appointments they were in breach of contract. It’s worse than ever now; sometimes you can wait for days just for a GP’s callback.

Terry Watson

Address supplied

After jumping through a few hoops I can go and get my hair cut, go to the chiropodist and even see a dentist.

The one thing I still struggle to do is go and see my GP in person.

Why are they still hiding away?

After an interrogation by the receptionist the most I get offered is a telephone consultation where I get asked to email in a few snapshots of my ailment.

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I’m lucky but I’m sure many people in the early stages of a terrible disease, like cancer, are not receiving sufficient treatment over the phone or by email.

Surely it’s time to bring back face-to-face appointments with your GP.

Henry Page



Profit before the health of people?

India is one of the world’s most prolific producers of vaccines like Covid-19.

Yet the Indian population have very poor access to the vaccine, most of the vaccine being exported!

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It would seem that the Indian hierarchy are putting financial benefits as a more important issue than the health and wellbeing of the populace.

With more sensible foresight, the hierarchy and wealthy of India could avoid civil disobedience and conflict in future times.

The average individuals in the street are rather like a dormant volcano, they can stand the pressure for so long but eventually a catastrophic explosion takes place.

Indian leadership, beware and act wisely.

P.l. Taylor

Address supplied


Take ‘bullets’ from the unvaccinated

Everyone in the world must be vaccinated against the Covid-19 viruses. Those refusing to be vaccinated are spreaders of the Covid viruses (which are lethal).

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It is like a man walking around with a revolver and a bag full of bullets with which to kill people. All you need to do is remove his bullets.

Vaccination similarly removes the possibility of the person from killing others – and themselves.

Paul Muller

via email


Who are your epilepsy heroes?

I am writing to ask your readers to seek out and celebrate the epilepsy heroes in your community. Epilepsy affects over 68,000 across the North West, some of them helped by truly inspirational people. Those who think nothing of going out of their way to lend a hand or even save a life, when someone really needs it. This year, national charity Epilepsy Action wants to thank them and honour their efforts publicly with a Helping Hands 2021 award.

This past year has been such an unsettling time, especially for those living with invisible conditions like epilepsy. Pandemic or not, so many people and families have struggled behind closed doors. Community heroes have often been a lifeline, stepping up in a crisis. It could be a teacher who has been a legend in lockdown. A total stranger who rallied during a seizure. Or a local group who took on an epic fundraiser for epilepsy. Whoever they are, we want to hear all about them!

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Last year, my daughter eight-year-old Sienna picked up an award for the care she gives to her sister, who has severe epilepsy and complex needs. Sienna does so much each day and this thankless job goes unnoticed by the outside world. She is a remarkable little girl, who doesn’t even know the difference she makes to her sister’s life. I wanted to tell her – and everyone else - how proud we are of her.

This summer, Epilepsy Action would love for your readers to be inspired by amazing people like Sienna, and to nominate more Helping Hands heroes. To do this, visit epilepsy.org.uk/awards before the 15th of August. We can’t wait to hear about your heroes, to celebrate and to thank them, on behalf of people with epilepsy everywhere.

Dee Appleby

Mum to 2020 award winner Sienna

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