Letters - Monday, July 19, 2021

Please think about all pensioners, Chancellor

On BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on July 8, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, when questioned about the potential increase of an eight per cent in the state pension, said that “any decision would be based on fairness for pensioners and fairness for taxpayers”.

I would gently remind the Chancellor that pensioners are also taxpayers.

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Those pensioners who have provided for themselves by investing in a private pension pay tax, at the standard rate, on any income above their personal tax allowance.

Those pensioners who, through circumstances or choice, have not made any extra provision for themselves, pay VAT on their expenditure.

Arguably at a greater percentage of their income than higher income groups.

Think hard Chancellor.

John Michael Frith

Via email


Mistakes of the Prime Minister

We were treated to an insight into Boris Johnson’s ego when he prorogued Parliament, shutting down a democratically elected Government to get his own way and then he closed the matter.

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He ignored advice – he knew best – by choosing not to attend five Cobra meetings at the start of the Covid crisis and then closed the matter.

He refused to discuss failing to reprimand Dominic Cummings, Robert Jenrick, his own father and Matt Hancock for misconduct and then he closed the matter.

He refused to discuss why he delayed imposing travel restrictions on a country where the virus was out of control, allowing tens of thousands of possibly infected travellers to enter this country and then he closed the matter.

Now with the number of cases and deaths from the Delta variant – mustn’t call it the Indian variant in case someone links the two – is on the rise, he’s absolved himself of any responsibility and then, guess what, he closed the matter. Before anyone asks could I have done it any better, no, I couldn’t.

Allen Jenkinson

Address supplied


Banning ads will not stop sales

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Re: Junk food ads banned before 9pm to tackle the kids’ obesity crisis, I doubt it will help one jot.

Everywhere you turn, there are fast food joints 24/7.

Do we have to walk around with our eyes closed so we don’t see them or pinch the nose so we can’t smell the food on offer?

Little kids cannot go and buy fried chicken and chips – adults provide it for them.

Junk food is fine once in a while, we all know that.

Ban the adverts but you will never stop the sale of it unless you close every fast food establishment down and that isn’t gonna happen.

Jayne Grayson

Via email


I’m nearly 80 and object to term ‘old’

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We all have to grow old but we don’t have to grow up. I am nearer to 80 years of age than 70 and object to being described as ‘old’.

Much more acceptable is the term ‘elderly’ as I surely remain in the process of ‘growing up’!

R Urquhart

Address supplied


Make blades easier to see

There is growing concern as to the number of birds being injured or killed by the blades of the turbines on wind farms especially out at sea.

Why are they white, making it difficult for the birds to see, goodness knows.

Why are they not coloured - at least the blades?

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I suggest a bright yellow, red or blue would not be suitable for obvious reasons no need to point the whole blade just the last quarter or hold the blade.

Surely worth a try and not too expensive.

Mr Collier

Via email

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