Letters - Monday, April 26, 2021

Why did the council snub car park plan?

Monday, 26th April 2021, 3:45 pm
Bond Street, South Shore, Blackpool

I write after reading your short story in last night’s Gazette that the council had refused demolition of Hartes for a car park at the corner of Waterloo Road/Bond Street (‘Council’s no to car park’, Gazette, April 21).

This building is falling down and, quite honestly, is a disgrace to anyone visiting the area. I had Tracie’s Tuck-In for more than 30 years, moving into Bond Street in 1976, when the street was a thriving shopping area along with Waterloo Road.

Now look at the area: Bond Street has so many empty shops, while Waterloo Road has lost the Post Office. You would think that a car park in this area would bring in more business.

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It would be nice to know the reason the council refused the demolition and the car park plan before someone gets hurt by something falling off the crumbling building and on to their heads.

Christine Harris

South Promenade



I don’t want to see news from the US

Am I alone in being totally hacked off by blanket coverage of US politics and politicians, ever since Donald Trump said that he would run for President?

Think of the Impeachment hearings, the Supreme Court nominations, the coverage of the riots Black Lives Matters inspired.

The Derek Chauvin trial had blanket coverage. It is an American trial in an American court and it is for the American judicial system to handle. Non-Americans have no say, but the BBC and Sky seem to forget this.

Voters in this country have much to concern them, the pandemic, the grief it has wrought, the certain large rise in unemployment as furlough monies dry up, hospital waiting times – all such hit us here.

It is, I suggest, a time to ask just how many correspondents the BBC has in the US in current financial circumstances.

Be sure that they will not be on low salaries and expenses and allowances, paid for by the licence fee holders. Sky shareholders at least know they can raise such issues.

How about a local MP asking?

MK O’Sullivan

address supplied


Church has work to do on racism

It was very disturbing to witness the experiences of certain people in the Anglican ministry in the recent BBC Panorama programme, ‘Is the church racist?’

In the interview with Archbishop Cottrell, no mention was made of his predecessor Dr Sentamu, who was held in the highest esteem and love and was surely one of the most successful and effective Archbishops of York. A baffling omission.

I speak as a Catholic, and former Anglican.

I can certainly say I have witnessed little, if any, racist attitudes in my own church as far as laity is concerned. People are accepted in the Catholic church in a natural and universal way irrespective of their background. I think I’m safe in saying the same applies to most church denominations in the UK.

I do remember, however, working in an Anglican community in the 1970s where personal comments (not racist, but certainly upsetting and personal) where made to me by a number of people which tarnished my experience there.

As someone said to me years later with the irony of experience, “You can’t beat a good narrow mind”. The Church remains a deeply human, flawed institution, and must struggle, with God’s help, to rectify issues like racism and covert bullying however it manifests itself.

John Roberts

via email


Sir Keir needs to be more positive

I notice in the press that Sir Keir Starmer is taking advantage of difficult times and insulting the Tory Party re law and order. He seems to be a past master of kicking a man when he is down.

The British public will rue the day if they ever elect him and the Labour Party into power.

Sir Keir Starmer never seems able to say anything positive or refreshing and new. He is a master of the expression hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Mr PL Taylor

address supplied

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