Letters - March 30, 2019

Service at high street bank was ‘diabolical’

Saturday, 30th March 2019, 8:00 am
How do you rate service at your bank?
How do you rate service at your bank?

In response to the criticism of RBS and NatWest (Your Say, March 15) I had the occasion to visit NatWest in Blackpool town centre on Monday, March 11 to change some coins and purchase some American dollars. I was issued with a ticket from the cash machine to pay into my bank account.

After joining the queue which extended out of the front door, we were told there was only one cashier as the other cash point was out of order. Are there no contingency plans in place?

After queuing 25 minutes in a wheelchair, we finally reached the cashier. When I asked for American dollars, I was told it would take a further 10 minutes.

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My daughter wheeled me out as I was not prepared to wait. What a diabolical service on a Monday morning in a town centre bank.

We went to the Co-operative travel service in Birley Street and were served by a lovely young man in five minutes who helped with my wheelchair.

I won’t visit NatWest in the town centre again.

Maureen Scarr

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Optimistic vision has been wasted

When the Leavers achieved not a huge – but decisive – majority to leave the EU, those of us who voted leave saw a good future.

We would be out of an organisation which day by day was stealing our independence. That is why I voted leave.

Since that referendum, we have seen more people in work than we have since the 1970s, we have seen small and large businesses and manufacturers forging ahead, waiting for the opportunity to sell their goods worldwide.

We saw a new future for farming and fisheries.

We saw a good future, and when Mrs May stood up as the new PM and proclaimed that ‘‘Brexit means Brexit’’ we began to have hope.

Since then we have seen two years of wasted opportunity, we have seen MPs campaigning and voting at odds with their own constituencies, we have seen pathetic negotiating, we have seen the totally meaningless ‘‘Backstop’’, which has been used as an excuse for time-wasting, we have seen our Parliament giving away its only bargaining tool, that is the ‘‘no deal’’ option.

Now we see a completely pointless delay, and the mind-numbing possibility of going back on all the promises of being out by March 29.

How many times has the PM insisted that Brexit would happen on that day?

If the whole thing ends up as a pathetic failure, then the electorate of this country will punish those who have failed, mislead, let down, lied to.

That is when the chickens will come home to roost.

There is a petition going round, inviting people to demand a no- deal exit.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the PM at last became decisive, and signed for the no deal, as she is legally allowed to do. Europe is crumbling away economically; the South is held up financially by the Northern countries.

It is a ship heading for a rock, and we don’t want to be aboard.

Peter Green

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Our MPs are just not up to the job

As the monumental Brexit fiasco rumbles on, it is becoming painfully apparent how useless and pathetic our current bunch of MPs really are. After all this time we find ourselves in an appalling and diabolical situation.

To be quite frank about this, it appears that the MPs we have are simply not up to the job as regards the negotiating skills required. These self centred people are a law unto themselves.

Some MPs come from good backgrounds and are well education. The fact is they are no better than the ordinary everyday person going about their own business in this country.

As MPs continue to squabble amongst themselves a golden opportunity could be missed to make this country great again.

Shame on all MPs involved in this horrible mess.

People of this country deserve so much better.

Maurice Oliver

Alisan Road