Letters - December 24, 2018

Just like your correspondent Richard Johnson (Your Say, December 18) takes to task Sir David Attenborough, so must I take Richard to task for disrespecting Sir David.

Monday, 24th December 2018, 12:30 pm
Sir David Attenborough

Ever since the first of his award-winning documentaries (starting with Life on Earth), Sir David and his team have not only shown the vast range of, er, life on Earth but have tried to show the impact that Man is having on our fellow creatures - both plant and animal - in order that Man can change his ways. This culminated (for now) on his hard-hitting Blue Planet II to demonstrate in stark, often disturbing footage just what Man’s throwaway society is doing to the planet. Within seconds of its showing, this reality was, er, flying round the world. This provided both the catalyst for others to make their own documentaries of other stark examples around the world and for other governments to act to cut down vastly on the use of plastic (especially single use).Now, Sir David and his team could have clocked up many more air miles travelling round the world talking to head of government (and how many of them are there, Richard?), but that was unnecessary due to the impact of Blue Planet II.Thus, Richard, my conclusion would be that, in this case, the ends have justified the means and surely Richard you should be concentrating your attention on the irony of many government heads, climatologists and other experts flying into Poland for yet another summit on climate change/global warming. There again, one could always make mention of he-who-should-not-be-named (you know, the one who lives in, er, Trumpton - appropriate as this place is fictional; just look for the Wan House) who doesn’t believe in climate change, despite his country now experiencing many more effects of, er, climate change and him putting the proverbial Churchill gesture up at the Paris agreement by increasing coal production just to save jobs. So, Donald, saving a few mining jobs is more important than saving the whole planet, is it? As your country burns and is wrecked by more tornados and hurricanes, just look around at thefolly of your policies. Hmm, I have an idea, and is one of which I hope Richard will approve. Send DT in a rocket to the sun. That will really give him an experience of what global warming is all about.

Neil SwindlehurstAddress supplied

Presidency like old gangster movies?The Trump Presidency reminds me of old Hollywood gangster films I watched as a youth. In the final scenes, the ‘hoods’ are revealed as the tools of the real criminal pulling their strings, who has now sold them down the river. If I was a henchman/spokesperson for ‘Dodgy Donald’ as he now outclasses ‘Tricky Dicky Nixon, then I would stay home next St. Valentines day.Denis LeeAshtonHelp the homeless over festive period

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Jon SparkesChief Executive, CrisisAction needed on park break-ins

Why is nothing being done or reported about the on-going break-ins at Stanley Park? Over the last three months there has been at least 10 break-ins with property being stolen and damaged. Police, plus the council, do not seem to care, as they have been reported but no efforts have been made to patrol the small area where these break-ins are happening. All I ask for is some support from the police/council with regards to the above because it is becoming a joke - and an expense.Lee BellamyVia email