Letters - December 12, 2019

Corbyn’s NHS claims are not to be trusted

Thursday, 12th December 2019, 5:00 pm

The NHS has been one of the hot topics of this election, and understandably so, as it is an institution close to all our hearts.

Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly put forward the false claim that the NHS is for sale to America. Seemingly if he says it often enough it will become an accepted belief by many. No matter how much Johnson and Trump say that this is not the case, Corbyn continues to say it is the case, and produces faulty evidence to support it.

This charade takes the attention away from Labour’s own NHS policy which would be catastrophic for waiting times and patient care.

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Currently over seven per cent of NHS healthcare is delivered through private provisions – in other words healthcare paid for by the NHS but provided to the individual by a private organisation.

Despite this offering vital patient services, Labour plan to scrap this, meaning our already stretched services will just become vastly more stretched, for no good reason.

More concerningly, the America lie simply demonstrates Corbyn’s ability to tell a lie so often and so convincingly that it becomes fact in the minds of many. This skill has been employed by dangerous communists for decades, and reminds us how critical it is that Corbyn is stopped today.

Alex Surtees

via email


Reasons not to vote for the Tories

If you normally vote Labour but are considering voting for the Tories this time because you like Boris Johnson you should ask yourself two questions. Can I trust him? Does he have my interests at heart?

In his Spectator column he claimed working class men were “drunk, criminal, aimless, feckless and hopeless”!! In the same Establishment rag he also slandered the children of single mothers as ‘ill raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate’! Obviously such an appalling snob doesn’t care one jot about working class people.

Despite all of Johnson’s bluster about being a moderate one nation Tory all the evidence shows this is flannel. He has always supported hard Thatcherite policies and in a shocking display of authoritarianism sacked all of the last remaining one nation Tory MPs for defying his will.

As for his character he has been sacked from the Times for making up quotes, sacked from the shadow cabinet for lying about an affair and gave a journalist’s contact details to a criminal associate (Darius Guppy) who wanted that journalist beaten up!

Damningly one of Johnson’s former bosses, the esteemed journalist Max Hastings (also a Tory), said, “He is utterly unfit to be Prime Minister”, and “cares for nothing but his own fame and gratification”.

Don’t give this deeply dishonest, dangerous and cynical man the untrammelled power he craves; DON’T vote Tory.

James Sorah

Blackpool Against Cuts


Short term benefits long term disaster

I would appeal to young voters to consider seriously who they put their trust in.

A government backed by Labour may sound attractive with the huge amounts of promised spending, but it is known that this party always ends up with the country in a financial mess and another party having to come in an clean up. This has happened over and over in the history of politics. Don’t be taken in by short term benefits that lead to long term disaster. The policies outlined in the Labour manifesto would lead the United Kingdom into a situation of a communist government.

Stuart Hutchins

address supplied


Future’s bleak whoever wins

The future is bleak whoever wins. One will happily have us crashing out of the EU with no deal and the other will do anything to get the keys to Number 10! And that’s before you get to the report by the IFS on the costings in both manifestos.

Nicola Macey

via email


Taxi driver helped elderly gentleman

Please would you give a big thank you to the Blackpool taxi driver who kindly helped an elderly gentleman last Thursday tea time to get him back to where he is staying.

He had become homeless the previous Monday and was unsure as to where he was lodging, the driver rang a friend who gave him the address. Wish him a busy and happy Christmas.

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