Letters - April 6, 2019

Job opening for Boris the comedian

Saturday, 6th April 2019, 9:00 am
Shops and online outlets selling knives and other age-restricted goods should have tighter age checks, says Alastair Graham from AgeChecked

I note that Ukraine may elect a comedian, with no previous experience, as its new president. Interesting. If this event were to happen in this country, who could be nominated? Boris Johnson, perhaps?

John RiseleyAddress suppliedKnivesI was a Ted and carried a flick knife

As a ‘Teddy Boy’ in the 50s, I am ashamed to say I carried a ‘flick’ knife. It was part of being a ‘Ted’, a fashion accessory so to speak. I had no intention of using it.Eventually, my parent came across the knife and it was consigned to the dustbin, unbeknown to me as I assumed I had lost it. Really it was the best outcome because I never got another one.In the present climate of knife crime, I reflect on how stupid I was and I would advise anyone carrying such a weapon to come to their senses before becoming involved in some life- changing incident, affecting both themselves and maybe some other unfortunate person. I am just thankful that it never happened to me.TDAddress suppliedKnivesCrackdown on underage sales

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Urgent action is needed to crack down on underage sales of dangerous weapons. Ease of access is an issue, with many shops falling short when it comes to their age-checking processes. Indeed, a recent investigation found that one in five retailers failed test purchase checks.Encouragingly, the Government is working with 18 major UK retailers that have committed to implementing age verification procedures into their business. Platforms such as eBay also mandate age checks for sales of age-restricted products through their online marketplace, so any seller that purchases a knife from one of their merchants should have strict age checks in place.However, we must do more to help protect our children from harm. Incoming regulation under the Digital Economy Act will require the use of age-gates on adult-only websites. There is no reason why this approach cannot be replicated across websites that sell age-restricted goods.

Alastair GrahamCEO of AgeCheckedBrexitHistory teaches us impending EU end

From the Roman Empire to the USSR, history clearly shows us that all such groupings eventually implode or explode, leaving disaster, confusion and unrest in their wake.In 10 years time the existing deep fault lines in the EU will be leading to the same inevitable result. The democratic ‘Leave’ decision by Great Britain gave the country a lifeboat in which to get away from a sinking ship.Why must some MPs spend their time arguing about the colour of the lifeboat and not just take the opportunity to get away? If they do not, then the present crisis will be nothing compared to the future upheavals which will affect Britain if we are still attached to the EU.M Dickinsonvia email BrexitIs Mrs May heading for job in Brussels?

Why is our PM is so insistent on getting a deal? Has she a job in the EU once she stands down?Jarvis Browningvia emailPoliticsParliament: home of can’t-do attitude

When chemical manufacturer Edward Brotherton left the House of Commons following the 1910 General Election, he was heard to say this: “It is no use, fellow men, I cannot do it. I have devoted my life to getting things done and when I get to the House of Commons the great idea there is to prevent things being done.” In 109 years has anything changed?David Brotherton Address suppliedBrexitTime for Sinn Fein MPs to turn up?

If Theresa May’s deal could detach Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK, then why aren’t the seven Sinn Fein MPs prepared to turn up at Westminster and vote for it?Granville StockdaleAddress supplied