Letters, April 13, 2019

The four soldiers who used an image of Jeremy Corbyn during target practice are not fit to represent the country, says John AppleyardThe four soldiers who used an image of Jeremy Corbyn during target practice are not fit to represent the country, says John Appleyard
The four soldiers who used an image of Jeremy Corbyn during target practice are not fit to represent the country, says John Appleyard
Paras who shot image of Corbyn are ‘not fit for purpose’

The four British paratroopers who were using a picture of Jeremy Corbyn for target practice are not fit to represent their country and should be immediately dismissed.

Day in, day out Jeremy Corbyn has had to face bitter personal attacks on his leadership from the first day of his election and not just from Tories, but his own MPs too.

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Kim Leadbeater, the sister of late MP Jo Cox, states that the level of abuse aimed at politicians is higher than ever, but it could also be due to the poor quality of some of our MPs who have very little in common with the people they claim to represent.

John Appleyard

via email

poppy appeal

Big thank you to all who helped cause

Following my Poppy Appeal thank-you night, which received excellent coverage in The Gazette, I would like to offer some extra special thanks, and give an update on our total.

There is one person who has been the backbone of my appeal for the past five years, my deputy organiser, Paul Binns.

Despite working full time (and usually on nights during Remembrance) Paul pre-empts every request and problem, and unfailingly picks up the flagging pieces at the end of an exhausting several weeks.

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So much of the success of the appeal is down to him. As organisers, I organise, he does the work. My heartfelt and warmest thanks Paul.

I would like to say a special thanks to the Guards Club, where we held our thank-you night, for the huge support given, not just to the Poppy Appeal, but to all ex-Service Associations and their members. The Guards is where we all meet after Remembrance and Armed Forces Week and other parades and occasions, and where most Associations hold their meetings.

The hospitality and support from Decca, Eileen and all the staff is second to none.

Thank you so much.

Of Elizabeth Gomm, I can only say that I was overwhelmed by the amazing photographic record she presented of our very special night. We were honoured to have the Deputy Lieutenant of Lancashire, John Barnett MBE, and his wife Danielle, to present the awards of the night, and Elizabeth made time in an overwhelming schedule to “put the icing on our cake”.

Thank you so much Libby.

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Our total for Blackpool Central and North stands currently at £45,918.11 and rising, with six months to go. So a huge thanks for the generosity of the people, businesses and organisations of Blackpool, and of course once again to my amazing and loyal band of Poppy Sellers.

Liz Clayton

Hon. Poppy Appeal Organiser (PAO) Blackpool Cen/North


Don’t let your vote be a wasted one

Soon we will have local elections but, with the current situation in politics, especially the behaviour of some politicians, how will it affect the results?

Will we see a mass fallout with the two major parties because of their totally undemocratic stance over Brexit?

Will we see an upsurge in popularity of UKIP and other pro-British parties?

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Or will it be the same as ever with the usual apathy from the voters regards who they consider best for the community?

Will the candidates in the local election be compromised by the actions of their party MPs?

Can the candidates guarantee they will be on the council to act in the interests of their city and ward if they get elected or will they bow to party pressure and vote for white elephants?

Do not waste your vote on misguided loyalty as the main purpose of these local elections are to obtain the best for your ward and city.

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The question you have to ask is: “Do you believe the people making the present decisions are choosing the correct options for the good of the city?”

If you are of a negative persuasion then this your opportunity to vote them out, regardless of Brexit.

D Angood

via email


Without the ball you can’t do anything...

I and 17.4 million others voted to leave the EU.

We did not vote to leave with a deal. We should have left the EU the day after the referendum and after that if the EU wanted to talk deals then they know where we are. The difference is that instead of us going cap in hand to Brussels they would be coming cap in hand to us, the ball would be in our court.

Our politicians have handed the ball to Europe, and as any footballer will tell you, when you haven’t got the ball you can’t do anything.

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