How can we respect our legal system?

After reading The Gazette, I felt disgusted about how out-of-touch, unfair and unbalanced the legal system in this country really seems to be.

Friday, 28th September 2018, 5:44 pm
Updated Saturday, 29th September 2018, 7:04 am
One of the abused donkeys

Four men have been jailed for taking part in protests outside the fracking site on Preston New Road (The Gazette, September 27). What did they do? Sit on the roof of lorry, shout a bit and wave a flag.

If the severity and unjustness of this sentence isn’t bad enough - it came just the day after the upsetting story of how three disgusting people appeared in court in connection with a catalogue of shocking abuse against defenceless donkeys - and were practically allowed to walk free.

These gentle animals were punched and kicked repeatedly but, in its infinite wisdom, the legal and political apparatus in this country deems it less severe than sitting on a lorry (done to stop the irreversible ruination of our countryside and drinking water).

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No prizes for guessing what is important to the political and legal establishment... Private profit! To hell with the animals, little people and environment.

How can anyone have respect for the pompous judges and lawyers in their silly white wigs or the self-righteous politicians with their bulging brown envelopes when this goes on? I know I certainly don’t. Let’s now work to free the protesters and end donkey and landau rides.


North Shore

I was horrified and saddened to read about the donkey abuse in The gazette (September 26).

Donkeys are the most gentle and friendly creatures, and the thought of evil people causing so much suffering is heartbreaking - not to mention the dogs kept in squalor and bad health.

I was also disgusted at the lenient sentences.

Small fines, unpaid work and ‘suspended’ sentences mean nothing. They should all have been given prison sentences . A three-year ban on owning animals should have been a ban for life - or at least 10 years!

Basically in three years, they can do it again. It’s about time the punishment for animal abusers was made to match the crime.

Katherine Dickson

Via email