Letters - Wednesday, January 29, 2020

‘Comrade Corbyn’s’  bizarre political legacy

Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 5:00 pm
Jeremy Corbyn

It is reported that Comrade Corbyn is to launch an organization named after him in order to protect his legacy, inspire young people, and ‘embed a socialist narrative ‘, whatever that means.

How a politician who has sat on the back benches for over 30 years and achieved nothing save having defied his own party whip 27 times can think this record is inspirational is beyond comprehension.

In a bizarre paper that I have read entitled ‘Jeremy’s Foward Look Strategy’, he announces plans to visit Baghdad where he will promote ‘anti-imperialism’, code for anti West. He will also ensure the Labour Party will steer clear of Blairite policies, presumably because Blair won general elections.

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As a declared pacifist he intends ‘to promote stopping war’. Of course, he has not the slightest idea how to do this.

His few remaining supporters in the red wall seats in the North and Midlands have not been forgotten by this loser. Even children who, yes you’ve guessed it, have taken part in ‘strikes for climate change’ will hear the maestro.

Finally, there is a mind boggling intention to instigate political education lessons for the working class. These lessons will teach Corbyn socialism. What world does this individual inhabit?

The Middle East and northern England await with bated breath a failed politician who will presumably tell the people how to lose an election and how to destroy nasty antisemitism.

Along the way to Iraq he will no doubt make courtesy calls on his terrorist friends.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


We don’t have the right to judge

Re: Seagulls can look after themselves (Your Say, January 23).

I am frankly tired of the same old comments being trotted out about seagulls, magpies and grey squirrels.

Just because somebody has an irrational dislike of them does not give them the right to be judge and jury.

Nor does it give them the right to dictate how others should behave.

These animals are often the only wildlife one comes across, especially in our ever-expanding urban environment, and if someone wants to interact with them, then so be it.

If somebody DOESN’T, then walk away.

Culling animals simply because certain sections of society have decided that they are “vermin” means nothing more than humans deciding that they have the right to eradicate with moral impunity.

Vermin is a word used far too often to justify killing a species without conscience.

Tracy Battensby

via email


Why squeeze meat off the menu?

Statistics show that only about seven per cent of the population is vegan and 14 per cent vegetarian.

So why is it that in the last few months the majority of food recipes I’ve seen in various newspapers and their supplements contain no meat? The majority sacrificed for the minority again.

Paul Morley

Address supplied


Why have we got bedroom tax?

When will Boris Johnson end the draconian bedroom tax on the poorest in the UK imposed by Cameron’s government from 2010? Just before he won the Tory leadership and became a Brexiteer he claimed he opposed austerity. But when a Remainer he said nowt about austerity from the day it was policy in 2010.

S Hardy

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Quiet on Brexit

will not last long

It is extraordinary how quickly Brexit has dropped out of the headlines following the election in December, despite the fact that our departure is now just a matter of days away.

While we should not notice much difference initially because of the temporary ‘transition’ period where we will effectively still be in the EU in terms of following its rules and regulations, I suspect the current state of affairs may soon change as the deadline comes into view later this year and the hard decisions about our future can no longer be put off.

But as ever with Brexit, it takes a brave person to predict with any confidence what is around the corner.

Jenny Eaves

via email