Letters - September 5, 2019

Don’t want to go back to silver spoon society

Thursday, 5th September 2019, 1:49 pm
A correspondent writes about the need for a fair society - and says he was optimistic when Harold Wilson first became Prime Minister.
A correspondent writes about the need for a fair society - and says he was optimistic when Harold Wilson first became Prime Minister.

The winds of change.

If you are as old as me, you will remember the 60s and the hope that we all had that changes were on the way.

We wanted an end to the silver spoon society that had represented the rotten core of Britain for many years.

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Controlled by the old Etonians, Parliament would encourage and support the privileged class that workers had worked under all their lives.

When Wilson and the Labour Party came to power in 1964, he promised that he would squeeze the wealthy class until their pips squeaked and that he would put an end to the privileged lifestyles that they enjoyed.

And we all cheered.

More politicians were now being elected from varied backgrounds and had more understanding of workers’ lives and our needs.

The changes, however, were few and far between and many workers felt let down that Wilson and the then Labour Party had missed its opportunity for real change.

The Tories hit back in 1979 with the election of Thatcher, who set about destroying our manufacturing base and putting millions on the dole almost overnight.

This is something we have struggled to overcome for years.

We are in a situation now whereby the old Etonians are now firmly back in control of Parliament and pulling Johnson’s strings, being one himself.

A no-deal Brexit exit would be just the start and the after-effects would be felt for years, if successful.

This is not about being in or out of Europe. It is about a fair and just society, with no return of the silver spoon society that offers nothing for working people.

David Williams

Address supplied


Second referendum should now be held

Johnson is clearly desperate. Corbyn continues to warm the fence. We are witnessing a sea-change in our political history.

A second referendum should be held. The result would be to scrap Brexit. It was a nonsense from day one.

For over three years time and money has been wasted on chasing a mirage, a mirage fostered by lie after lie emanating from Little Englanders.

Meanwhile crucial issues affecting education, health, transport and defence have been sadly neglected. We are currently the laughing stock of the world.

This farce must now cease.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Epstein was just

the ‘first domino’

In 1972 singer Johnny Nash had a hit single with ‘There are more questions than answers’.

Seems nothing changed in the intervening years. Take the Jeffrey Epstein case.

So many questions and no credible answers.

How is it possible that he committed suicide whilst apparently being watched like a hawk. Unless of course the hawk in question was either blind / bribed/ threatened.

Assuming of course that he actually IS dead - the photo released of him on a gurney was only conclusive in the sense that it clearly wasn’t him - unless suicide causes your nose and ears to completely change shape.

More questions - just what business, exactly, did Prince Andrew (and many of the others mentioned in the ‘Black Book”) have with this guy ?

The House of Windsor seem to have very poor judgement when picking friends and associates - first Jimmy Savile, now Epstein.

All this in spite of the fact that no-one would be allowed to get near them without first being thoroughly vetted by MI5/6. Hmm.

Like the Savile case, Epstein is the first domino. Knock him over and who knows what well-known public figures will topple in his wake.

How very convenient for him to ‘disappear’.

Conspiracy theorists are naturally having a field day with this.

Not surprising given that you could drive a Sherman tank through the holes in the official narrative.

The BBC were so disturbed by this they saw fit to publish an online article / hatchet job denouncing all of us who are engaging in ‘baseless’ speculation - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-49312746

Baseless or not, fact is that allegations regarding elite paedophile ‘rings’ keep on surfacing and have done for many years now. From hundreds of different accusers I might add. Are they all fibbing ?

Think about it.t

Tim Kennedy

via email