Letters - September 27, 2018

'˜Fake news' is ruse to erode free speech

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 1:10 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2018, 2:12 pm
How to spot fake news.

Fake news. I heard the phrase mentioned on Radio 4 this morning.

It was said with such serious and pompous faux dignity in relation to Russian propaganda that I expected spooky music to follow. I had to look behind me and check I wasn’t being followed, such was the gravitas of the broadcaster.

Fake news from the Russians - and from those nutty ‘conspiracy theorists ‘ - was seeping into our culture, changing our perceptions of reality. This fake news - above all else - was dangerous, or so the intonation of the speaker implied. Fear coursed through my veins as an uncontrollable evil was among us...

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And then it occurred to me our mainstream media does little to address the issue of its own fake news or to consider how tech giants are using the term to carry out far-reaching censorship carried out by algorithms. Those who decide what the fake news is have an ever-tightening stranglehold on freedom of speech.

Dr John Bromby

St Annes


Do men write letters as well?

What a joy to read that I am not alone in letter and postcard writing.

We need to keep the handwritten word alive. Now, while I am pleased that women of a ‘certain age’ do write, is it only a female pastime?

Do men write letters? I’m interested to know. Long may we continue in our quest and I hope we inspire the next generation to never lose the joy of writing and receiving a handwritten letter.

Mrs L Holroyd

Address supplied


Pollution must harm the drivers as well

We hear so much about regional and roadside pollution generated by vehicles and the possible effect that this has on individuals living in such areas.

No mention of drivers and passengers in vehicles is ever stated. Surely a driver of motor vehicles, and the passengers of such, must be in far more danger? What are the organisations and studies mentioned in the article doing in respect to drivers and passengers? Take, for example, a bus driver who could have been driving for eight hours a day for some 20 years.

Phil Moor

Address supplied


Let’s get Brexit
done already!

A lot of people are calling for a vote on the terms of Brexit. Not me though, just get it done already!

Harry Francis

via email


May has to keep up new backbone

While I am by no means a fan of Theresa May’s Chequers proposal she has my full admiration for standing up to the bully boys of the EU.

Her speech following the Salzburg summit meeting was a masterclass in the British at their best, demonstrating calm dignity and firmly pointing out that she has treated the EU with respect and was entitled to expect the same.

Of course the bureaucrats are not treating us with respect as our decision to break free from their ruthless control is unravelling their great project, albeit it has always been destined to fail eventually.

It was good to be reassured that our PM really is fighting for Britain and the desires of the 17.4 million people who voted for leaving. We cannot give in to pressure from the enemy inside or outside our shores.

The clock is ticking and Mrs May has to maintain the determination and backbone she demonstrated at last Friday. But for Brexit to mean Brexit, as she herself describes it, she needs to ditch Chequers and go for a Canada plus deal. That way she will ensure we get our freedom back.

With a Canada style deal we can negotiate our own trade deals with whoever and wherever we wish and will have the ability to control our borders and make our own laws.

Frankly it is hardly asking for anything unreasonable!

Paul Nuttall

North West MEP
UK Independence Party