Letters - September 26, 2019

We should feel sorry for Greta Thunberg

Thursday, 26th September 2019, 1:03 pm
Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg... does anyone else feel sorry for her? She is being rolled out here there and everywhere to speak her truth about ‘man-made global warming’.

Her expression has changed quickly from the innocence of youth to being increasingly distressed, disturbed and angry. She does not seem happy which surely should be the primary focus for any child?

She was fighting back tears during her speech at the United Nations and seems genuinely terrified the world will soon be coming to an end.

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Whatever your opinion is on ‘man-made climate change’, pushing her forward in such a manner in the way the establishment has done is highly uncomfortable to observe, in my opinion, as she is a vulnerable girl and is far too young to be used as a political pawn on a global stage. She is being used as a moral shield for the adults espousing her cause.

I wonder what will happen when she comes across evidence from scientists showing that sun spot activity is far more likely to be the main driver of climate change and that many years in the medieval period on this planet were hotter than today?

“Does not compute”, would be the response, I fear, and the same response would come from other bandwagon jumpers. You know who you are.

I welcome debate about the issue but ‘man-made global warming’ has become ‘established fact’ all of a sudden when there are many scientists out there who are not being given platforms on the mainstream media who are putting forward the argument that it is the sun causing climate change.

Ruth Sellers

North Shore


I think we’ll manage...

So if we leave with no deal there is likely to be a temporary shortage of foods such as ham, mozzarella and raspberries. How will we possibly manage?

Oh, let me see – there are a fair few counties in the UK that have their own lovely brands of ham. Hundreds of different cheeses are produced in this country, even mozzarella – and plenty of fruits such as raspberries.

Surely we’ll manage on a starvation diet for a few months!

Paul Morely

Address supplied


The worst leaders in living memory

Our two major political parties are led by the worst leaders in living memory. The Conservatives have elected a man who is untrustworthy, economical with the truth, self-centred and whose private life is unworthy of someone who holds high office.

Labour are in deep crisis and their leader is unelectable. Corbyn has been mired in antisemitism scandals for months, his Brexit stance is laughable, an attempt to silence his Deputy, Tom Watson, demonstrates his Trotskyist ideology-pluralism is not permitted. Under him or one of his close colleagues we would live n a nightmarish dystopian society. A recent Mori poll revealed Corbyn is the worst leader of the Opposition in modern times. One of his most senior advisors is resigning after tellng Corbyn ‘he cannot win a General Election.

The country is crying out for decisive leadership by a trustworthy, honest and genuinely democratic PM. I am afraid we will not find it in Corbyn or Johnson.

Dr Barry Clayton

Thornton Cleveleys


Helping veterans who are homeless

No one who has served their country should be homeless, but our analysis of government data shows that homeless veterans are being missed by local authorities and are losing out on the enhanced support and housing available to them.

We have launched a campaign to tackle this issue and help reduce veterans’ homelessness as close to zero as possible. The No Homeless Veterans campaign (http://www.nohomelessveterans.org.uk) calls on local authorities, homelessness charities and advice agencies to ‘Think Veteran’ in order to identify former Servicemen and women and signpost them to the best support available to them.

We are fortunate in this country that there is a wide range of independent and government-led organisations that provide specialist support to Service leavers. But it is only by effectively identifying veterans and signposting them to these services, that we will put an end to this tragic situation.

Ed Tytherleigh