Letters - September 25, 2019

Thomas Cook latest victim of EU fallout

Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 12:33 pm
Thomas Cook

Sadly the collapse of Thomas Cook is not ‘Project Fear’ . It’s reality, with the loss of thousands of jobs, customers hard earned booked holidays and a huge debt list of creditors.

Over the past 12 months or more how many people have been hesitant or reluctant about booking overseas holidays due the uncertainty of Brexit?

Packaged holiday companies such as Thomas Cook, their business model works effectively on the premise of achieving bulk sales operating on pretty tight profit margins.

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They rely heavily on advanced bookings which make up a large proportion of their balance book reserves, company resources and of course their weekly cash flow.

Equally the property market has suffered significantly. How many people have postponed either buying or selling a house over the past few years playing the post Brexit ‘let’s wait and see game’? Estate agents and mortgage lenders have seen terrible levels of stagnation in the housing market since the Brexit referendum. Fact, not project fear.

If the collapse of Thomas Cook is a contributing factor or in part the result of the ongoing Brexit uncertainty, I fear there is much more of this to economic uncertainty come. The pound has dropped and has remained at record low levels since the Brexit referendum.

I doubt there is any real concern shown at Downing Street. What is the likelihood that wealthy characters such as Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson would book a packaged family holiday with Thomas Cook?

One thing is for certain, they will not lose out and will enjoy luxury holidays in any event.

Once again, it is the hard working families who face the greatest risks of losing out to the knock on effects and ramifications of the Brexit referendum .

Stephen Pierre

via email


Road safety

failings on Prom

The pedestrian crossings on the promenade from Talbot Square to the Manchester pub are no longer visible due to the paint wearing out on the road and some of the yellow beacons are not flashing.

As a result many motorists fail to stop and it’s an accident waiting to happen. I have been on the crossings numerous times and have had to step back to avoid cars that drive straight on. Also I think Blackpool Council should put up large signs telling motorists that the promenade is a shared space. Too many motorists speed down the promenade as if they own it.

I think this needs to be done before there is a fatality.

Carol Mooney

via email


Boycott should never be a ‘sir’

I can’t think of a worse recipient of a knighthood than cricketer Geoffrey Boycott.

Not only has he a conviction for physically assaulting a woman, but in 1982 he also helped organise a illegal sanction busting cricket tour to apartheid South Africa and against the wishes of the government for which he received a three-year ban.

Really shows the complete lack of judgement of the former Prime Minister.

Robert Boswell

via email


Talk of democracy has no meaning

For sickening audacity, the MPs whining against the position Boris Johnson has taken is too much to stomach.

Don’t patronise we ‘ordinary’ mortals on whether we knew what we were voting for, the vote was leave or stay.

Please don’t quote the mantra ‘We are representatives not delegates’. What does that even mean?

Corbyn has campaigned practically all his political life against further integration into the EU, but when it comes down to principle or power, he chooses power. What a ludicrous position you and your party have left us in. There is something rather sinister going on here, a Labour Party defying its core base.

Seriously, what do you think will happen now the EU knows the last vestiges of negotiating a deal have been removed by a ragtag bunch of fifth columnists.

Stop quoting democracy when you try to reverse a supposedly, democratic vote. Is it all just words when you say you’re fighting for the people, or is it like Humpty Dumpty said: “Words mean whatever I want them to.”

A Steels

via email


We are heading

for dictatorship

The office of the Prime

Minister is making a grab for power.

Our members of parliament have realised (admittedly late in the day) that this would make us more like a dictatorship than a democracy. In this light, I urge you to analyse what is going on. Entertaining (or not) as you may find the political games – look through them.

Analyse the constant propaganda, and see the simple question: Are we a dictatorship, or are we a democracy?

Jim Buckley

via email