Letters - September 23, 2019

Raise cash by buying our celebrity doodles

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 1:36 pm
Celebrity doodles

Have you ever fancied the original artwork of an actor, artist or designer adorning your wall?

I am writing to ask your readers to bid for their favourite piece of art this Friday 20 September, National Doodle Day. A gallery of one-off celebrity sketches will be up for grabs in a three-day eBay auction. Winning bids will help the 600,000 people living with epilepsy in the UK. There are over 68,000 people living with epilepsy in the North West.

Dozens of doodles penned by a range of famous names will go under the hammer. Tom Hardy, Aisling Bea and Stephen Graham join forces with artists and illustrators in drawing their support for Epilepsy Action, all to raise vital funds for the charity’s life-changing work.

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The money raised will help support Epilepsy Action’s nationwide network of coffee and chat groups. Offering advice and a friendly listening ear, these groups are a local lifeline to people living with epilepsy. Donations also help to run the Epilepsy Action helpline, meaning our team of experts can offer emotional support, reassurance, information and advice to people with epilepsy when they need it most.

Getting involved is easy. Visit the online doodle gallery epilepsy.org.uk/doodle-day and get ready to bid when the auction goes live on Friday 20 September. Good luck!

For information and support about epilepsy, visit epilepsy.org.uk or call the free Epilepsy Action Helpline on 0808 800 5050.

Xanthe Hopkinson

Fundraising events officer Epilepsy Action


Blackening faces is part of our history

Yet another ‘snowflake’ has been allowed to air their prejudices about some of the Morris dancers, who performed over the border in North Yorkshire recently. Darkening/blackening ones’ face and upper body has happened for centuries and yet, all certain people want to do, is deny history. What about the African and Asian tribes who whiten their faces and bodies during some of their traditional ceremonies and dances?

Incidentally, I blackened my face quite regularly when I was in the Armed Forces – as did the Gurkha soldiers that I served with, in Malaya and Brunei.

Paul Emsley

via email


Britain teaches the world a new lesson

What an emotive word democracy is proving. At school we were taught that Britain introduced democracy to the world and, in its simplest form, it means the greater number wins. We are giving the world a new lesson and that is government fudge, ineptitude and how to twist democracy on its head for the few.

Finlay G Mackintosh

address supplied


Heseltine should stay out of Brexit process

It’s a bit rich for an unelected peer like Michael Heseltine to attempt to thwart a decision made in the greatest democratic exercise this country has seen.

Mervyn Jackson,

address supplied


Advocate for HIV testing at large

Whilst recognising rugby union star Gareth Thomas’s bravery in revealing his HIV status, I feel that he should now have the courage to advocate for all those who feel they may be at risk to be tested.

Having worked in sexual health at the start of the HIV epidemic, I know how hard it can be to get people to take the test. Now that a normal lifespan can ensue with treatment it should be easier to achieve this aim. You have the backing of two Princes of the Realm and many others, please, Gareth, urge those who may have been at risk to get tested and, if HIV positive, treated. Your high media profile will certainly be reassuring.

Hilary Andrews

address supplied


Who are you

voting for?

How many of the electorate bother to think which party is the best for the country when they vote? Many vote for the same party their parents did and blindly follow regardless of the party’s failures. Many vote Labour because they are in a union. Others vote Tory because they are business leaders.

Peter Hyde

via email