Letters - September 22, 2016

ANIMALSFlouting the rules leads to anarchyYou reported the incident in which a guide dog was attacked at Stanah last week. Apparently, the council hasserved a '˜good behaviour' notice on the owner.

Thursday, 22nd September 2016, 2:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 2:01 pm
Dangerous dogs

This follows a similar incident recently when a Jack Russell was savaged and killed by another out-of-control dog.

In that case also a good behaviour notice was served on the owner ,the police deciding to take no action and, according to social media, there have been a number of similar incidents when dogs have suffered injury.

The Dangerous Dogs Act as amended makes it a criminal offence to be in charge of an out-of-control dog, and specifically makes it an offence for any dog to attack an assistance dog.

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Perhaps our Police Commissioner can explain why the police choose to ignore the legislation and on whose authority it was decided not to prosecute the offending owners.

Responsible dog owners in Stanah are becoming concerned about the number of similar incidents and wonder what the legislation is intended for if it can be ignored – we already have a situation where our streets are turned into race tracks and speed limits are not enforced.

What is the point of laws which are ignored at the whim of the people who are supposed to enforce them?

This is what leads to anarchy.

Dog owner

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Britain is better off looking out for itself

Remainers such as Barry Clayton (Your Say, Gazette, September 12)are big on scare tactics but low on facts.

Regarding trade with the EU, for every £6 they buy from us, we buy £10 from them. The Germans buy £10 billion worth of goods from us whilst we buy £60bn worth of goods from them. This is one of the reasons why our deficit with the EU in 2013 was £67bn.

German engineering companies and the French and Spanish farmers are worrried about a trade war.

Then there is the worry of Frankfurt taking over as the financial centre of Europe, but as Axel Weber, former head of the German Bundesbank, said, we do cars and the British do finance.

Then there is the Obama scare tactic that Britain will go to the back of the queue in trade talks. Since we are America’s biggest trading partner and its biggest external investor, American industrialists were quick to distance themselves from the President’s views.

With regard to trade negotiations, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership talks between Europe and the USA have failed after three years. It is difficult for 27 countries to reach common agreement, and so Britain on its own has a much better chance.

W Fielding

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Sparrows are flying to the countryside

I write in response to Mr R C Carter (Your Say, Gazette, September 20) regarding missing sparrows.

At this time of year, birds tend to leave urban areas and move into open country where they can feed on berries, fruits and seeds.

They will move back into urban areas when this food has gone. Fresh water and bird food will be a great help to get them through winter.

D Webb

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