Letters - September 20, 201

We need to put our town on the map

I wish to make a plea to all the younger people of Poulton, both Poultonians and newcomers, to get together to form a group to put the town back on the map.

As the most ancient historical town on the Fylde coast, why do we not have a museum?

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There must be thousands of artefacts for locals and visitors to see.

I remember when Poulton Square and the town was a very lively place , now the only time it is really busy is on a Monday, Market Day.

One or two cafes in the Square would also give it a more Continental feel, like Lytham Piazza.

Most other local towns and villages have many events to attract visitors such as, Garstang Flower Art and Music Festival; Scarecrow festivals in Staining and Fleetwood; continental markets, Victorian markets, Christmas markets and best dressed windows.

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On September 1, Settle had a wonderful festival, music in the pubs and on the park. Morris and folk dancing in the square.

Poulton had folk dancing on Saturday September 7. But was it advertised ?

No posters around town! Now St Chad’s Hall has re- opened, I hope to see the return of Poulton Brass Band, Poulton Drama, the Chaddeans and flea markets.

Where is the council supporting such events ?

Alison Holmes

Via email


Palestinian leaders must quit terrorism

The Palestinian leadership have never tried giving up acts of terrorism in their hope of creating a homeland. Israel has stated many times that it will not negotiate until the Palestinian leaders renounce terrorism.

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This strategy has achieved nothing to advance the Palestinian cause, but it justifies acts of retaliation by the state of Israel, judged by some to be very disproportionate and judged by others as not going far enough.

The key word here is ‘retaliation’. Both sides in this conflict have been suffering for years and years.

Israel is a country recognised by the United Nations. Surely the Palestinian leadership – after years of struggle, war and suffering – must realise that going back to the borders and a time before 1939 is never, ever going to happen?

The Palestinian government should stop terrorism, and recognise the fact that Israel exists. However painful the past, it should be forgotten – nothing can change it.

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What should really matter to the Israeli and Palestinian people is their future.

How much better life in both countries would be if the huge amounts of money used to inflict pain and damage on each other was spent instead for the benefit of all the people.

Cecil Crinnion

Address supplied


Economy weak thanks to Brexit

Andrea Jenkyns, the Conservative MP, claiming the UK economy has been doing well since the Brexit referendum is typical of the propaganda we have come to expect from Brexiteers.

She points to a small improvement in the GDP figures in the last quarter (attributed by most to the good summer and England’s good performance in the World Cup), but she does not tell us that overall the economy has grown more slowly in the last two years than before the referendum, and lags behind other EU countries.

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She does not mention recent statistics showing how many people are now living in poverty, nor the fact that what growth there has been is the result of increasing personal debt.

In fact, our economy remains fragile. If it had done so well since the referendum, why has the value of the pound fallen so much?

Alan Slomson

Via email


Getting vexed at our politicians

I am wondering if I am on my own getting vexed with our politicians and their total lack of any commitment to the problems in our country such as the NHS or crime.

Watching the TV interview of the health minister on September 10, giving his word to solve all the problems within our NHS with no mention of deeds other than extra money, I am remembering the wartime posters ‘Careless talk costs lives’.

What can we expect with all the extra winter demands on the way. I am dreading the thought of it! Aren’t you?

Tarquin Holman

Via email