Letters - September 2, 2019

‘Remain Gang’ have met match in new PM

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 3:12 pm
Boris Johnson

So Mr Speaker Bercow is outraged, Jeremy Corbyn is appalled and further outrage is expressed by Nicola Sturgeon.

Well, good for them.

Their spluttering protests do them no credit and their bluff has been called.

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At last it seems that they and the rest of the ‘Remain Gang’ have met their match in our new Prime Minister Johnson, who is actually, by his best endeavours, trying lawfully to bring about the will of the people and leave the European Union.

Now for Heaven’s sake, deal or no deal, let us be out of it.

Come on Boris, you can do it!

David Warnes

via email

Congratulations to Boris Johnson for his latest outstanding effort to fulfil the democratic wishes of the vast majority of the British People who voted in the referendum to escape enslavement by the anti-democratic EU.

If prorogation of Parliament enables us to leave the EU, it will be a brilliant development in our campaign for true democracy.

It is not surprising that those MPs, who desperately want us to remain in the EU, will now try every cunning manoeuvre possible to deny the British people their freedom.

Well done Boris, keep up the good work on behalf of the ordinary people of this nation.

Dick Lindley

Address supplied


Need end to illegal killing urgently

Birds of prey continue to be illegally shot, trapped and poisoned, particularly on land managed for driven grouse shooting, according to the RSPB’s annual report of illegal bird persecution.

Birdcrime 2018 - the only report summarising offences against birds of prey in the UK - reveals 87 confirmed incidents of bird of prey persecution in 2018. Victims included 31 buzzards, 27 red kites and six peregrines. Hen harriers, red kites, peregrines and owls were also illegally killed. Intelligence, and scientific data from satellite tagging raptors, suggests many more birds will have been killed and not found, and that these figures only offer a glimpse into a far larger problem.

Sixty-seven (77 per cent) of these incidents took place in England, with 12 in Scotland, five in Wales and three in Northern Ireland. Despite this, only one incident, from a 2017 investigation, resulted in a conviction during the year.

All birds of prey are legally protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Yet in areas these laws are being widely ignored. A recently published ten-year scientific study using Natural England data revealed 72 per cent of satellite-tagged hen harriers were confirmed or considered very likely to have been illegally killed. It also found that hen harriers are 10 times more likely to die or disappear over grouse moors, where birds of prey are often considered a threat to red grouse stocks.

The illegal and widespread killing of birds of prey has gone on for too long. Current legislation and sentences are proving woefully inadequate and offering no deterrent to those who want to see birds of prey eradicated from our hills. Urgent and meaningful change is needed to the way our uplands are managed, to put an end once and for all to illegal killing and bring back biodiversity to these landscapes.

Mark Thomas



Nothing stops the tides twice a day

With regard to fracking and the recent earth tremor and wind farms. Unbelievable waste of money and time.

Gas will eventually veer out and if there is no wind - no electricity and if too much wind - no electricity.

Estuary and river barrages produce power with no ill effects and continuously. Nothing ever stops the tides which are twice a day.

In this area along the Wyre and Ribble would provide huge amounts of power with no harm to the environment.

Not to mention roads over them to connect the Fylde to the Lake District and Southport and the south and the north.

Capt Derek Smith

Walkers Hill



Who cares as

long as we leave

So out means out and leave means leave. As long as the British people have their freedom from the ‘big bad EU’ then who cares if jobs are lost and we sell out to the USA instead?


via email