Letters - September 10, 2016

M55 link will always upset some people

Monday, 12th September 2016, 10:46 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:03 pm
The Headlands area of the Prom  unfit for purpose?


Different schemes failed over years

There is no news like old news.The M55 link road with Fleetwood and Thornton is back again (Gazette, September 6).

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It was first proposed back in the 1970s when I first got involved in local parties. The plan at that time was to drive the motorway connection down what became known as the Red route, through Carleton, Normoss and Staining.

I remember going to a public meeting in Carleton where residents were up in arms. Many people objected to the proposed road cutting through their local communities.

Then it came back in the 1990s with more different proposals. Again people objected to all the different proposals, and the road did not get built. Now it is back another 20 years later.

No matter where it is built it will upset some people. It will upset many people who are affected where the road will run, will they have the final say, or will the residents of Fleetwood get their motorway link?

Douglas Green

Stony Hill Avenue



Taxis a better option for the tourists

I understand Blackpool Council is about to confirm the extension of the tramway along Talbot Road and I would ask the councillors to take into account the following scenario.

A man has just arrived at Blackpool railway station with his wife, two children and two large suitcases. They have two options:

Option 1 – They emerge from the station with the children tired after the journey. They struggle to the tram station where they try to decide whether they need a south-bound or north-bound tram.

Having hopefully made the right decision, they board the tram. There is nowhere to store the luggage and the man tries to come to some arrangement with the conductor. In the meantime his children have started to cry and his wife feels faint.

Eventually, the tram moves off to the required stop, always supposing the group knows which stop they need. They alight and then wonder in which direction they should walk to get to their hotel. With the help of passers-by, they eventually arrive at the hotel. The hotel proprietor sends for the paramedics to deal with the hysterical children and treat the wife who has fainted.

Option 2 – They emerge from the station with the children tired after the journey. They get into a taxi and are driven to their hotel. Being a Blackpool taxi driver the driver helps them to the hotel door with the luggage.

It may cost a little more, but Option 2 would provide a much better start to the holiday.

Alan Murden

Lowfield Road



Council must avoid making same errors

What Blackpool needs is a new bus station to serve both local and national services. To bring in revenue and visitors also needed is a conference/concert arena to match those in Liverpool and Manchester.

Talbot Road doesn’t need a tramway or the current cobbles and roundabouts to compromise traffic flow.

It is clear Blackpool Council has not learnt lessons from past mistakes: Same surface road and footpaths are clearly unsuitable for the vision impaired, particularly those with white sticks or guide dogs; the reduction from 
four-lane traffic flow to two-lane traffic congestion in front of the Tower, clearly highlighted in the interests of public safety by Bill Lewtas and his taxi colleagues; a concert venue on the Headland which is clearly unsuitable due to weather issues, as proven by the Elton John concert debacle.

Why not ask the people of Blackpool what they want, after all it is their town and councillors am supposed to represent public opinion? Blackpool Council needs to avoid further failure like those I have mentioned.

Ian Hargreaves

Blackpool Road North

St Annes


Remainers must have no influence

Teresa May has said “Brexit” means “Brexit” and that Britain has a bright future outside the EU, when we leave it – and she is right.

However, there are still those “ Remainers” across the other political parties, the civil service, the institutions and big business, who were part of “Project Fear”, that still do 
not accept they lost the argument, and therefore the referendum.

They will stop at nothing in order stop us leaving the EU, delaying our exit, demanding another referendum, and are even taking legal action in the High Court in October.

These people have no understanding or respect of democracy and are ignoring and insulting the 17.4 million of us that voted to leave.

We must keep up our vigilance and ensure that they have no influence over the electorate’s stated wishes or indeed this Government’s plans for “Brexit”.

Philip Griffiths

North West President, UKIP (UK Independence Party)

Lost and found

Handbag handed in to lost property

A ladies bag was found onthe No.14 bus, at about 4pm on Monday, September 5. It was given to the driver and can be collected from lost property at the Blackpool Transport offices on Rigby Road.

Ms R Page




BHS staff should be proud of themselves

I would like to offer thanks and appreciation to the ex-staff of British Home Stores.

Their customer service, professionalism and help was there to the store’s closure. I wish them all good luck.

Mrs S M Holland