Letters- October 6, 2016

NOSTALGIAArticle sparked memories of MarkI read with interest Shelagh Parkinson's feature in the Gazette (September 30) about the Blackpool Museum project.

Thursday, 6th October 2016, 12:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:03 pm
Magicians Paul Zenon and Mark Raffles.

There, slap bang in the middle, was a picture of the great Mark Raffles.

Many moons ago I used to be involved in the manufacture and supply of the puzzles for the Krypton Factor for Granada Television.

I used to be on set during the filming of the programmes to repair any of the games should they get broken.

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I made the very first game, which was a large green letter K. I remember one contestant who was so nervous he broke one of the puzzles parts. I had already repaired one of the pieces which was damaged before the show.

When the director saw this contestant break his piece he thought this was the same part that I had earlier repaired.

After the filming I showed him my repair, still intact, We both tried to break the same piece the contestant had forced and we could not. He had managed it with brute force and nerves.

I was invited to many shows at Granada and one I recall was I believe ‘The Big Send-up’ and starred Paul Daniels and Bernard Manning.

Whilst waiting in the foyer at Granada with the other guests, I was approached by Mark asking If I was willing to help him in the show. I jumped at the chance and it was televised.

I am now 75 and am pleased Mark is still around. I never did see myself on the box and have tried to acquire a copy of that show but to no avail.

Reading The Gazette article really took me back to those young and happy days, so many thanks for your piece.

Joseph Sadler

via email


Letter on NHS said what had to be said

I almost always enjoy the letters page in the Gazette, even the (obviously) party political driven rants from people whose views you love, and those from people whose views you love to hate. They all broaden the mind.

But occasionally – as last night – I read a letter that is really spectacular in its clarity, and in the message it delivers.

Last night’s star letter was headed “The Vic needs to be supported for all” and was from a chap (I don’t know) called David Owen (Your Say, Gazette, October 4). I wanted to say thank you to him for writing it, and thanks to the Gazette for publishing it.

Fred Moor

Sandhurst Avenue

St Annes


Cancel Christmas if we get a tram track

So now the council have no money for Christmas trees (Gazette, October 3) but plenty of money for a tramtrack that many don’t want, except Coun Blackburn, of course.

Thankfully, Christmas is not lost all together, there are still plenty of pantomine characters knocking about.

Too many I fear.

Neal Duffy

via email


A wonderful idea at the Illuminations

At this year’s Illuminations, there is a canopy over the collection points, it provides a fantastic light experience . ‘Thank you’ lights up when a donation is given by the driver.

Well done the Lights team.

Alan Ackroyd

New South Promenade