Letters - October 31, 2019

Blackpool bus
Blackpool bus
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Hub could turn out to be our bendy bus

The actual cost of the new bus hub in Corporation Street (£300,000) is really only the start.

Although I’m a big fan of public transport investment, I cannot see how four dedicated bus parking spaces are going to benefit the town centre, bus operators or passengers.

These designated spaces will effectively cause an increase in road congestion and inevitable ‘bus jams’

Unfortunately Blackpool town centre does not have a great road infrastructure due to the pedestrianisation of former roads such as Church Street, Bank Hey Street, Victoria Street and Birley Street. As a result even during the winter months , the town suffers from notable traffic congestion.

It is near impossible for bus services (during peak hours) to run like clockwork. At present Blackpool buses are parked up all over the town centre with passengers pretty much at a loss as to which bus goes to and from where.

Since the Promenade was altered from four lanes in 2011, traffic congestion has got worse and this cannot be denied. With the alterations of Talbot Road to become tram-only with diversions for ordinary vehicles, traffic congestion will definitely increase. The knock-on effect of congestion will cause further delays and increased operating costs for Blackpool Transport Services .

I’m afraid to say that the new bus hub in Corporation Street is just too small a road space to work in practice.

The £300,000 bus hub might look fine in theory, but its idea was probably thought up by a well-paid consultant on a computer screen. In reality this four-lane bus stop model would more than likely suit a suburban village market square which only has a handful of routes operating on a 30-minute frequency .

I’m sorry to sound so very negative as I would like to see Blackpool bus services and passenger usage double. Increasing passenger footfall is crucial to supporting retail and further investment. This can only be achieved by the town centre having a purpose built modern bus station attracting passengers from neighbouring boroughs and from around Lancashire.

I have lived and worked in London for the past 23 years. I have seen what works and what doesn’t in relation to bus operations around the capital. The idea of a four-lane bus hub in Corporation Street makes as much practical sense as putting articulated ‘bendy buses’ in Central London, do you remember them? The impracticability of the ‘bendy buses’, introduced in 2002, meant they were short lived and proved to be a costly mistake in the history of Transport for London.

Blackpool has a superb fleet of modern buses, but unfortunately they are scattered around the town centre like a herd of lost sheep!

Stephen Pierre

Campaign for a Blackpool

Bus Station


An uncomfortable truth for the Tories

In its job of keeping an eye on the value to the taxpayer of public spending, the National Audit Office came up with important concerns in its recent report on fracking. Crucially it found there was no evidence that the industry would bring a promised economic boom and lower energy bills.

I wonder how the Conservative Party Manifesto will deal with this finding, considering that it’s being drawn up by Rachel Wolf who works as a partner at ‘Public First’ a business which lobbies ministers on behalf of the shale gas industry?

Rosy Townsend

Central Lancs Friends of the Earth


Prospect of deal sends shivers

For those prospective voters in the upcoming election that missed Channel 4s (October 28) documentary about predatory US drug companies, I would advise using the catch up facility on their televisions.

This could save them from watching any party political broadcasts. The prospect of trade deals headed by bosom buddies Boris and Donald, should send shivers of fear through even the most healthy of voters.

These companies ideas of a deal would enfeeble the NHS to total collapse. That £350m painted on the side of a bus should have been on a hearse.

Denis Lee



Joke’s on you if

you don’t see it!

I went to see The Joker recently and apart from all the hype (over the pond) it didn’t encourage me to go out and do mass murder as was reported in the good old USA.

I really enjoyed the film, however it was a bit slow on the uptake, but once it got going it was really enjoyable.

Joaquin Phoenix playing the lead character Arthur Fleck was absolutely fantastic, great acting and really convincing as an unhinged clown.

Even though, Robert De Niro playing a TV show host, Murray Franklin had a relatively small part he almost stole the show with his great acting.

If you haven’t seen it yet get going or the joke will be on you.

Colin Howorth

Epsom Road



Are South Prom lights covered?

Regarding the private finance initiative (PFI) scheme which covers Blackpool’s street lights and traffic signals (The Gazette, October 16), I’d like to know if it covers the lighting on the South Promenade walkways?

More than half of the lights on the walkways are not working and have not been for a very long time. We know that the lack of adequate street lighting can encourage anti-social behaviour. Are these lights not covered by the community lighting partnership (PFI scheme or is it that the South Shore community is treated less favourably than other parts of Blackpool?

Susan McTell

Quernmore Avenue