Letters - October 25, 2016

Blackpool Gang Show 2016Blackpool Gang Show 2016
Blackpool Gang Show 2016
ENTERTAINMENTThese young stars are a credit to allWhat a night! My family and I have just enjoyed an evening of entertainment second to none.

A first Gang Show for all of us, but it won’t be the last.

We cannot praise enough the people responsible for this show. For giving so many young Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownies and Guides the chance to perform at an amazing venue, The Globe at the Pleasure Beach. The hours of dedication that enabled this show to happen must be incalculable. The costumes, props, songs, dances and sketches were remarkable and the fun and enjoyment that was had in doing all of this was communicated to the audience.

A huge thank you to all of you involved. You are making memories. Long may you continue.

Elizabeth Boniface

Beechfield Avenue



Working to help all Blackpool residents

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At People’s Health Trust it’s our five-year anniversary. This is a fantastic time to celebrate all the great work funded groups, like Sign Hi Say Hi!, URPotential CIC and St Thomas Pastorial Trust, do in Blackpool to help reduce health inequalities.

For five years, People’s Health Trust has been supporting local residents to make their communities an even better place to live. Over £80million has been raised so far, supporting over 2,300 projects and helping more than 400,000 people.

Over the years, we have funded a huge variety of projects. From IT classes for older people to community craft sessions, radio shows run by people with mental health issues or drama clubs for young people.

The projects may vary, but what they all have in common is that they are led by local people. All of our funded projects give local residents the chance to design and deliver activities that will benefit local people the most.

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The Trust believes giving local communities greater control over what happens in their neighbourhood is key to creating new and stronger relationships, improving confidence and a greater sense of belonging.

Thank you to the many residents and readers we’ve supported over the last 12 months for all the great work they have done to make their local neighbourhoods even better.

John Hume

Chief Executive, People’s Health Trust


We want more than empty platitudes

We have, of late, become disturbingly used to the absence of factual information in the area of political debate. From Brexit’s “take back control” and “get over it” to Trump’s “make America great again” and a lot more in between, we seem to accept, even crave, the empty but seductive slogan.

It’s just so less taxing on our brains than a factual, rational argument. It comes as no surprise to me then, that in Friday’s Your Say Page an elected official, Coun Colin Maycock, offers us some “facts” to refute an earlier contributor’s argument about Labour’s economic record.

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These ‘facts’ include “(Labour) failed to fix the roof when the sun was shining” and “...then watered the magic money tree with Growmore”. Despite being tired, worn out clichés, these are still nice and simple images for us to absorb and they spare us the need for research and proper analysis.

But we should feel patronised and insulted. We should demand more from our politicians. You should not be shutting down proper debate, you should be encouraging it.

Give us real facts and we’ll consider them, stop talking down to us. (Other fertilisers are available by the way)

Harry Hulme

Reads Avenue



To keep the peas... serve separately

I write regarding Steve Canavan’s column on witnessing an altercation in the chippy over mushy peas (The Thing Is..., Gazette, October 20).

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There are right ways and wrong ways to serve fish and chips, but putting mushy peas ON the fish is a total no-no!

A real chippy should not affect the perfect combination of this delightful dish by ruining the taste.

A well-presented plate – or polystyrene tray – of fish and chips should be served separately from the peas, unless the customer requests it. This is because the fryer has used his or her expertise to produce a crispy, to-die-for delight, and would not want it to be ruined by putting mushy peas on top, making the batter soggy, rendering it uneatable!

Brin the trotter

via email


Climate change has to mean frack ban

The UK Government will soon ratify the Paris climate agreement. The world’s countries have agreed this treaty, recognising that climate change is the greatest threat to all humanity.

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The Government cannot claim to be serious about tackling climate change, and start a whole new fossil fuel industry which is a cause of it , or build a fracking infrastructure which would take time to decommission, rather than importing gas until clean renewables can take over.

If only for these reasons, the Government must hold a vote in Parliament to ban fracking before any further drilling takes place.

Please sign the petition on the Green Party ‘Home’ page, www.greenparty.org.uk – just click on the petition icon on the top of the page as it appears.

Philip Mitchell

North Lancashire Green Party