Letters - October 14, 2016

ENERGYShale will not spark a jobs revolutionPoor old Blackpool. Who on earth wants their first views of their seaside holiday resort to be huge lorries trundling along the road and an enormous fracking site by the main road into town?

Friday, 14th October 2016, 10:39 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:30 pm
Vaping could be as bad for your heart as smoking cigarettes, say experts.

Same old, same old Conservatives; the party of big business. Never mind the wishes and lives of ordinary local people, localism just a Tory fairy story.

All that is needed to complete the Fylde’s destruction (perhaps literally) is to have gas storage under the River Wyre!

If anyone seriously believes that either one of these disastrous projects will produce long-term, well-paid jobs, I pity them.

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R V Bradley

Skipton Avenue



We have to be able to trust Government

It’s ironic that while the government chooses to respect the outcome of one consultative process - the EU Referendum - it holds another in contempt: Lancashire County Council’s decision to refuse permission to Cuadrilla to continue its fracking operations.

Cuadrilla’s appeal against the LCC decision was upheld by Sajid Javid on a basis in which “ the protection of house prices or insurance were not planning issues” and “public concerns about health impacts carried “little weight in the planning balance”.

Furthermore, an opinion poll published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) back in April reveals that 81 per cent of the public do not support fracking. Theresa May’s conference speech pledge to give more control to ordinary people on matters that affect them therefore rings hollow!

The Tories are interested only in big business, and disregard public concern for health, environment or their communities, which they hold in contempt.The public need and deserve a government they can trust, and which respects their views – a government which is committed to greater democracy, clean energy and a ban on fracking!

Paul Marsland

Lytham St Annes


Some useful safety advice for all vapers

It is concerning that five people have been treated for burns (Doctors Warn of Explosive E-Cigs, Gazette, October 10). These burns have been caused by batteries and not vaping devices (e-cigarettes) as your article implied. Failure to report these incidents correctly could put smokers off switching to vaping.

As a responsible trade association we take this issue very seriously. It is, though, important to keep it in perspective. There are three million people in the UK who vape on a regular basis and incidents like the ones in your article are very rare. To avoid such incidents, we would urge all vapers to follow this advice:

n All vaping equipment, including batteries, should be purchased from a reputable vendor.

n Only use a battery suitable for your vaping device. If in doubt, ask.

n Vapers should charge their batteries only using the charger provided with the device and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

n Batteries should not be left unattended whilst charging or left on charge overnight.

n Loose batteries should be stored away from heat and direct sunlight.

n When transporting batteries, do so with care. Never place a naked battery in a pocket or bag alongside loose change or keys.

n Always carry batteries in a small box or silicone sleeve, which can be purchased from all reputable vape shops.

Richard Hyslop

Chief Executive, Independent British Vape Trade Association


Well done to all the cross-country riders

Well done Mr Duncan and your team from the “Vic” on your cross-country fund-raising cycle ride.

I bought raffle tickets at the Poulton Elk in support of this worthy cause. We see lots of criticism of the NHS but the Vic is the best, and I personally have have good reason to be glad that Mr Duncan and his team at the Lancashire Unit are there working for us.

Hon Alderman Gordon McCann

via email


What’s the council doing with airport?

What a great letter in Friday’s paper from Lance Fogg about our airport again. I agree with all he says, where is our council? Just seen on TV Liverpool Airport is getting more flights from Blue Air etc.

Mr Armstrong

Cherry Tree Road



Thanks to shoppers for helping RNLI

On behalf of Blackpool Lifeboat Station we would like to say a big thank you to management, staff and customers of Sainsbury’s, Red Band Road, who raised £217.21 at a collection in the store.

Christine Parry

Secretary, RNLI