Letters - November 7, 2018

Noise level is a danger'¨and we're being ignored

Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 12:36 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 1:39 pm

The residents in this area of Freckleton have tolerated noise from BAE Warton for many years and only recently have been made aware of the peak levels of 140-decibels noise coming from BAE are above the levels that can cause deafness, hypertension and cardio vascular disease.

We have been in contact with BAE on many occasions with the facts regarding these harmful levels of noise which they dispute by saying they comply with the noise at work regulations. This is no doubt is correct but they do this by taking an average over eight hours and getting the decibel level to 80 decibels for the day. This reading of the decibel level is achieved by taking the reading when there are no aircraft flying.

The Health and Safety executive has quite clearly stated that it is Fylde council that has the responsibility for this noise when it is prejudicial to our health. The Department of transport have also confirmed this.

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Many residents in this area will be unaware of the harmful effects of this noise, which is there to see in the lists of decibel levels and the period of time the public should be exposed to this noise.

The world health organisation publish levels of noise that are harmful and the duration of the noise, and this noise from BAE is being ignored .

After contacting the department of transport and the H&S executive, they have both stated that it is the responsibility of the environmental department of the local council.

We residents feel we are being ignored by the council when it is quite clear that the noise of 140 decibels is harmful to us residents that have lived here well before these aircraft were developed.

BAE should have at least provided residents with some form of compensation towards sound proofing of our properties.

Our health must surely takes precedence over this very serious concern.

Vincent Rigby

Via email


Ready to protect our freedoms

This is a very special week for remembering our armed services and those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Next Sunday it is 100 years since the ending of the First World War, the war that was to end all wars.

Since then we have seen the Second World War and many other conflicts. Far from wars ending, the world is becoming more dangerous by the hour.

And yet, when the country needs a call to arms, our armed services are ready to stand up to protect our freedoms showing immense courage through their contribution.

We will remember them.

Philip Griffiths

Broadcaster and commentator


Ridiculous number of empty houses

For a desirable area like the Fylde to have this many uninhabited dwellings is ridiculous.

It results from the equally ridiculous policy of forcing large quantities of new build properties on to green belt and farm/recreational land. Equally ridiculous is the amount of land with current or potential planning permission without construction actually happening. Examples are the old Kilnhouse Lane garage and the old nursery site on Mythop Road, Lytham.

Peter K Roberts



Service for disabled is not good enough

The fact that a disabled child was denied access to a tram comes as no surprise to me as a user of a mobility scooter.

I believe Blackpool Transport still have a lot to learn with regards to disabled persons’ travel, and despite what they say I think some staff will not be bothered with asking passengers to make way for a wheelchair user. They would rather get through their shift unhindered.

Disabled people have as much right to travel as everyone else and Blackpool Transport need to see this. Considering that they are wholly owned by the council, on behalf of the residents of Blackpool, this is an utter disgrace.

Brian Massey

Via email


Not the best quote for Trump to use

With President Trump’s ‘Sanctions are coming’ we can make an interesting comparison to the original, ‘Winter is coming’ and see why it wasn’t really the best quote to misquote.

The fans of the HBO show ‘Game of Thrones’ know all about ‘The Wall’ and have seen it breached. They know that some of your own people may be the first to kill you. They know that people can switch allegiances. They know that having the big weapons can help but you still need to form allegiances. They know that trusted advisors aren’t always trusted advisors. They also know that family members can be a problem in many ways.

Perhaps there is something in a quote by Michael Scott in ‘The Office’ - ‘Sometimes I’ll start a sentence, and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.’

Dennis Fitzgerald

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