Letters - November 29, 2017

Meek acceptance of impending calamity

Wednesday, 29th November 2017, 4:11 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th December 2017, 12:57 pm
Planet Earth photographed on December 7, 1972 during the Apollo 17 moon mission

We read dire forecasts of ice caps melting and great cities being flooded in the decades ahead.

Yet we know better than to accept this projection fatalistically but recognise it as a call for change from the direction in which past and current actions are leading us.

We are summoning the will to avert this fate, notwithstanding that it will require compliance by the great majority of nations, even when many may be tempted to free-ride on the sacrifice of others.

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At the same time we see the world population continuing to rise steeply, placing us in a vice between growing demand upon resources and increasing uncertainly over the capacity of a climate-changed planet to sustain us.

Of these problems with excess carbon dioxide and people, the latter is more tractable as each region can benefit from its own efforts while others face the consequences of their own irresponsibility.

We might therefore expect forecasts of a UK population above 70 million and rising to be met with the resolute response that we will not allow this to happen and will do what is necessary to prevent it.

Instead we see meek acceptance of this impending calamity.

John Riseley

Address supplied


Few causing misery for many

As I passed the fracking protesters on Blackpool Road, I saw a Labour poster giving support.

Then I remembered Corbyn’s phrase, “For the many, not the few”, and yet here we have the ‘few’ causing misery for the ‘many’.

I remember well from the 60s and 70s how the unions caused complete misery to industry - the ‘few’ ruining our competitiveness in the world - with flying pickets shutting down companies - apparently something Corbyn wants to reintroduce.

Oh joy!

I saw Corbyn’s socialist paradise when I visited East Germany - ugh! Horrible place, with uniforms everywhere along with the sheer drudgery.

Mr P Webberley



Avoiding town until the traffic improves

I would like to thank Blackpool Council and Network Rail for saving me a substantial amount of money.

Having experienced today the shambles now causing chaos in Talbot Road and surrounding area, not to mention the horrendous bus journeys now to get to Preston, I shall not be setting foot in Blackpool again until the work is finished.

As a Blackpool ratepayer I am aghast at the council’s latest ‘white elephant’ plan. They should all be voted out at the next local elections.

Charlotte Adams

Bloomfield Road


Scenes of chaos on the buses

I will admit, I don’t know the full plans behind the scenes of the chaos with the buses in the centre of Blackpool.

If it is to get people to the train station easily, why not re-route buses that pass the station in and out, a matter of minutes, or if need be, a special bus for the purpose.

I hope in the next two or three years my concerns will in the end be of no concern.

Richard Pinder

Belmont Avenue


Scrap VAT on cycles and related products

To improve life for drivers, Philip Hammond has frozen fuel duty.

To help rail commuters, the Chancellor has extended discounted railcards to 30-year-olds.

It could save ‘poor’ rail commuters hundreds of pounds a year.

But what’s in the budget for the millions of poor people that are forced to walk or cycle everywhere?

University students must be the biggest group using bicycles due to transport poverty.

To be fair, shouldn’t VAT be scrapped on all bicycles and related products, especially those needed to protect life, for example, head-cams and lights?




Is fawning finesse for royals genuine?

I have often wondered if the fawning announcements of royal events by newsreaders, particularly BBC staff, is genuine?

Their shining eyes, gushing reports, smacks more of a parody of a ‘Blackadder’ oily delivery, rather than dedicated monarchists.

Or does the BBC send them to special classes to refine their obsequiousness?

Republicans, such as myself, should also be excluded from the blanket congratulations given in my name by the Government and media.

Denis Lee