Letters - November 23, 2019

Hotel gave disabled a great holiday in resort

Saturday, 23rd November 2019, 7:00 am
What are your memories of the New Mayfair Hotel, and how do you think its closure will impact the disabled ?
What are your memories of the New Mayfair Hotel, and how do you think its closure will impact the disabled ?

I read with shock about the closure of The New Mayfair Hotel as it was the hotel which brought me to Blackpool.

I used to help out with a care group in the Bridgend area of South Wales and arrange accommodation and transport for members to stay - normally for a fortnight.

After doing this from 1985 to 1992 I relocated to Blackpool in 1993 and settled down for six years just off Watson Road before relocating in 1999 to Warton.

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I remember one Christmas while in Blackpool (mid to late 1990s) the local St Cuthbert’s choir were invited to sing carols at the hotel and I took part - the manager recognised me.

The hotel certainly made a great holiday in Blackpool for many people who stayed there.

I have told a number of funny tales of things which happened there and amused many.

I don’t know when it left the hands of Arthritis Care or what it was like after, but it is a great shame it has had to close - especially with all the support it gave to disabled people.

There were other disabled people I knew from South Wales used to stay at The Bond Hotel, so this seems all that is left now.

I used to see a Mid Glamorgan Social Services minibus parked outside which brought some of them.

John R Jones



What about Charles and Jimmy Savile?

Jeffrey Epstein. Jimmy Savile. Two of the most notorious paedophiles/procurers of underage children of modern times. That we know about at least.

In Savile’s case far worse than this.

In all the hullabaloo surrounding Prince Andrew and his ‘association’ with Epstein one thing has been completely overlooked in the mainstream media, namely the fact that his elder brother Charles had a long and close relationship with Savile dating back to the sixties and carrying on until Savile’s death.

Like Epstein, Savile was welcomed into the inner sanctum of the Royal Family on many occasions and over many decades - Prince Charles even staying with him at his Glencoe retreat.

Bad enough that one member of the Royal Family should have such poor/questionable taste in friends but for two of them to be ‘incriminated’ in this way starts to look less like happenstance and more like something rather more disturbing.

You may recall Operation Yewtree which investigated Savile along three strands of enquiry. ‘Savile’, ‘Savile and Others’ and ‘Others’. Plenty of boxes ticked in the ‘Savile’ and ‘Others’ column which hoovered up the likes of Rolf Harris, Max Clifford and Stuart Hall - none of whom had any obvious links to Savile - but absolutely zero entries in the ‘Savile and Others’ column which would surely have been the most interesting line of enquiry as this would have helped to shed some light on exactly how Savile managed to go about his odious business without interference for so long.

Had the police pursued the ‘Others’ strand correctly, instead of studiously avoiding it, then it stands to reason that they would have wanted to have a little chat with Prince Charles to establish what he knew.

In the same way that Prince Andrew could no doubt be most helpful to the FBI in their investigations into Epstein.

Very noticeable in recent weeks that there has been a seriously concerted attempt to highlight how great the royals are - several documentaries on Charles and one on Harry/Megan. All designed methinks to distract attention from the mire that Andrew has fallen into.

Problem is this hasn’t worked and the Grand Old Duke of York is under the cosh big time.

I am not saying that either Charles or Andrew are guilty of anything here - not until proven otherwise - but for neither of them to be interviewed or even spoken to about their respective ‘chums’ beggars belief.

Except it doesn’t of course.

Yet more proof, if it was needed, that it’s one rule for us and no rules for them.

Tim Kennedy

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Prince Andrew is not the victim

A very measured interview by Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis – but absolutely no remorse or humility from the Duke of York who tried to portray himself as the victim. He is not.

I’m still trying to work out why he had to travel to New York to break off his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and spend four nights at his home when the city probably has more hotels than anywhere else on the planet.

Andrew Mercer

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